• Number of lessons: 6
  • Time to complete: 60–90 minutes
  • Topic: Branding
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Whether you're delivering them yourself or merely creating resources for others, presentations are a fact of life for anyone in marketing, communications, or sales. At their worst, they're better sleep aids than counting sheep. But at their best, they can help us tell our stories and sell our ideas.

Learn how to transform your presentations from commonplace to creative learning tools that bring our messages to life and make them memorable in this interactive course. Multiple industry experts will explore how to create effective slide-based presentations that engage your audience.


  • 1 Define the essential elements of every presentation—objective, theme, and message
  • 2 Construct a presentation to optimize its persuasive power and maximize memorability
  • 3 Use visuals to bring your story to life by making your messages more concrete and clear
  • 4 Learn advanced techniques and shortcuts for PowerPoint presentations


  • The Power of Presentations

    Have you ever been told to "practice your presentation?" What, exactly, does that mean? The first lesson in this course will walk you through the fundamental elements you'll need to deliver a great presentation, including your objective, theme, and message.

  • Create Persuasive Presentations that Motivate Your Audience

    In this lesson, you'll learn how to design a compelling and persuasive presentation that engages your listeners and motivates them to take action. You'll learn how to develop a salesperson's mindset and how to use Monroe's Motivated Sequence to your advantage.

  • Going From Good to Great

    Most presentations follow the same dull recipe, and audiences often leave without remembering a thing. Learn how to craft an unforgettable presentation that your audience simply can't forget. This lesson will teach you how to create a simple but emotionally compelling presentation using techniques that even beginners can apply.

  • Keep Your Audience Engaged Through Storytelling

    Research tells us that people hit a lull during the middle of most presentations. Result? They remember only 20 percent of the content presented during that time. This lesson explains how to create presentations using visuals to simplify complex messages and make abstract ideas concrete, making your presentations memorable from beginning to end.

  • Design Techniques That Bring Your Messages to Life

    Learn how to take visual presenting to the next level with some advanced PowerPoint techniques and shortcuts. See demonstrations of time-saving formatting shortcuts, impressive animation combos, cinematic techniques, and interactivity and drawing tools that you may not have come across yet—and learn how to use them effectively to bring your messages to life.

  • Beyond PowerPoint: Three Tools to Enhance Your Presentation

    You can use many tools to craft a presentation, not just PowerPoint. It's not the platform you use that makes or breaks your presentation; it is you, the one using it. In this lesson, you'll learn about three tools that, depending on your content, venue, and purpose, are as effective as PowerPoint (if not more so).

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