• Number of lessons: 12
  • Time to complete: 105 minutes
  • Topic: Public Relations
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Are you including public relations in your brand awareness, lead gen, or (gasp!) selling mix? Why not? PR isn't what it used to be—it's a whole lot more. And when you use it in step with your advertising and other marketing efforts it can deliver amazing results. This interactive e-learning course presented by real-world, expert PR practitioners who have been there, done that, will show you how.


  • 1 Understand what public relations is and how it works alongside your other marketing programs
  • 2 Create, implement, and optimize a PR plan that delivers on your goals
  • 3 Identify appropriate media and engage them with stories written in their language


  • What Is PR and How Has It Changed?

    Learn how public relations started and how it's evolved. This lesson also covers which traditional PR tools are still relevant today and new tactics that can help your business grow into the future.

  • How PR Works Together With Marketing and Advertising

    Public relations works better when it's not doing the heavy lifting alone. This lesson dives into the differences between PR, marketing, and advertising to explore how they can work together and why you need all three.

  • Create an Effective PR Plan Aligned With Marketing

    This lesson outlines the fundamentals of an effective public relations plan that aligns your programs with business objectives and marketing activities. Learn how to select the appropriate PR functions—media, analysts, content, events, awards, social media, etc.—for your company so you can influence the appropriate audiences.

  • A Best Practice Approach to Program Roll Out

    Now that you have a public relations plan, the next step is implementing it. This lesson covers a best-practices approach to a program rollout. You'll learn which activities to prioritize based on lead times and tips for establishing relationships with reporters, analysts, and social media influencers.

  • How to Keep Your PR Program on Track

    It is important to continually measure your PR program effectiveness so you can find opportunities to optimize. This lesson shows you how to learn from past PR results, both effective, successful activities and those that didn't meet your goals.

  • Why You Need a Press Room on Your Website

    This lesson discusses why you need an online press room on your company's website. Learn what content you should include and how to organize your media assets so that users (and not just journalists!) can quickly find exactly what they need.

  • Learn the Importance of Media Relations for PR

    This lesson covers the importance of media relations as a key component of any public relations program. You'll learn how to identify the best media targets for your organization, the elements required to get your program off the ground, and the objectives to establish at the outset.

  • How to Tell Your Story in a Way That the Media Will Take Notice

    This lesson shows you how to think like journalists and talk their language, a skill that will help you generate consistent, positive exposure in the media. Discover the best ways to get your message out, examples of good and bad communicators, and the art of developing messages the media cares about.

  • Selling Into Government With PR: What You Need to Know

    Winning a government agency as a client is a different experience than selling to the private sector. This lesson provides a broad introduction to some of the constraints and realities governments need to work within, and why a good PR program helps. You'll learn how to use PR to overcome government apprehension and understand the issues faced by this type of client.

  • Why You Need Internal PR

    Learn why communicating within your company is as important as communicating to the marketplace. This lesson also covers tips for consistent messaging, building an internal communications plan, and the reasons why many internal communications activities fail.

  • Build a PR Crisis Management Plan for Social Media

    You know how to implement a campaign across social media platforms. But what happens when a crisis hits? Are you as prepared to address that crisis on social media as you with other channels? This lesson will teach you how to develop a crisis communication plan for social media.

  • Prove the Value of Your PR Activities

    It's essential to demonstrate the value of your public relations investment. This lesson will walk you through some of the best practices in PR measurement, including metrics like share of voice, quality of coverage, content syndication/reach, engagement, and shares. You'll also learn how to map PR metrics to broader marketing goals.

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