• Number of lessons: 7
  • Time to complete: 90–120 minutes
  • Topic: Social Media
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As with any marketing channel, social media requires a thorough understanding before marketers can jump in and expect results. By engaging customers and influencers and monitoring the industry for opportunities, marketers can find success in new, unique ways.

In addition to covering the six vital steps marketing teams must follow when creating a social media plan, this interactive course drills into doing business using Twitter and Facebook, influence, community engagement, and more.


  • 1 Establish your goals and objectives
  • 2 Define your target audience and platforms
  • 3 Create and share compelling content
  • 4 Engage with customers, prospects, and influencers
  • 5 Monitor your industry and competitors
  • 6 Evaluate results and evolve


  • Twitter for (Effective) Business

    The true business-building potential of Twitter goes far beyond social media marketing, boosting your followers, or even driving raw traffic to your site. Learn how Twitter can help you source and nurture leads; build a community with business impact; develop relationships with influencers and the media; and attract a highly targeted, engaged following.

  • Use Your Facebook Community to Generate Content

    When used properly, your company's Facebook page can be a very powerful content creation channel. In this class, learn how to make your Facebook page work harder toward your marketing goals. Discover tactics for getting your audience engaged, and examine examples of successful (and practical) content generation on Facebook.

  • Tap the Wisdom of Your Online Community and Watch Your Business Grow

    When properly leveraged, the collective wisdom that resides within your online community can be a gold mine of business-building knowledge, insight, and advice. Using real-world examples, this class covers the practical principles you need to tap this valuable resource so you can grow your business and benefit your online community in return.

  • Tips to Increase Your Brand's Power and Influence on the Web

    How does a company create influence in an online world with a short attention span? The answer might surprise you. This class shares five tips, based on solid research, that you can use to increase your brand's power.

  • Become a Social Media ROI Rock Star

    Are you ready to walk away with a completely different perspective on social media ROI? Take everything you've ever learned about social measurement and get ready to put it on hyper-drive. In this class, you'll learn tips and techniques on how to get the real deal when it comes to measuring ROI and justifying budget.

  • How to Create a Social Media Listening Strategy

    Learn how to create a social media listening strategy that will jumpstart your social monitoring efforts, find conversations you can engage in, and help you to better identify prospective customers and industry thought leaders.

  • Strategic Resources to Better Manage Your Social Marketing

    We will show you how to overcome these social marketing challenges and provide you with key dashboard dimensions, including how to set up specific improvement objectives and how to track your progress to improve your social marketing efforts.

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