• Number of lessons: 5
  • Time to complete: 60–90 minutes
  • Topic: Demand Generation
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You're doing good marketing. People are taking notice. Leads coming at you at a steady clip. But what're you actually doing with them between signing up for your list and signing on the dotted line? If you're simply throwing them to sales to manage, you're missing a vital step in the demand gen process. You need a lead nurturing program.

Where to get started? Right here, with this course. You'll learn what lead nurturing is and how it's different from your other marketing campaigns, how to get started, and ways you should be treating your existing customer nurturing differently than prospects newly in the pipe.


  • 1 Identify lead nurturing program objectives that should align with corporate goals
  • 2 Name the 10 steps to creating a lead nurturing program
  • 3 Describe how lead nurturing programs for prospects and customers differ and the types of nurturing programs geared toward each
  • 4 Review additional lead nurturing program tracks that can complement where your leads are in the sales funnel
  • 5 Test different content or offers within your lead nurturing program


  • Know How Lead Nurturing and Marketing Differ to Increase Sales

    Do you know the difference between a marketing campaign and a lead nurturing campaign? This class discusses how they differ and why you should treat them differently. We'll present the benefits gained from lead nurturing and how lead nurturing impacts your sales.

  • Lead Nurture Programs That Turn Prospects Into Customers

    Can you describe how lead nurturing programs for prospects differ from lead nurturing programs for customers? Although prospect and customer programs have many crossovers, this lesson reviews specific programs geared toward prospects and pinpoints which programs might help you convert leads into longtime customers.

  • Extend Customer Loyalty With Lead Nurturing

    Why should your prospects get all the attention? Aren't your customers just as important as your prospects—maybe even more, right? Although prospect and customer programs have a lot of crossovers, this class focuses on your customers and specific programs that can increase renewal rates, satisfaction, retention, and sales.

  • The 10 Steps to Creating a Lead Nurturing Program

    Can you name the 10 steps to creating a lead nurturing program? This lesson briefly reviews each step, which teams are involved, and the time needed.

  • Transform Your Marketing Efforts and Become a Lead Nurturing Superhero

    In this lesson you'll learn how to create a simple, generic lead nurturing program. Learn how to add in nurture tracks that address your leads throughout each phase of the sales funnel so you can transform them into customers.

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