• Number of lessons: 5
  • Time to complete: 60–90 minutes
  • Topic: Demand Generation
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If you want to move your lead nurturing program results from OK to OMG, you need to know what makes your prospective customers tick. How else are you going to figure out how to get them to take action (and, more importantly, take the action you want them to take so you can meet your goals)?

In this course, you'll start by learning how to identify your target customers' pain points and challenges, so you can build accurate buyer personas. Then, you'll learn how to use those personas to identify and build appropriate content, assign the right offers, and test, test, test.


  • 1 Identify and prepare buyer personas
  • 2 Understand how your prospect and customer data can trigger different nurturing paths
  • 3 Create messages that support your goals and are relevant to the target persona
  • 4 Align content that correlates with your target personas and each stage of the buying cycle
  • 5 List offer types and segment them based on where they best fit in the buying cycle
  • 6 Define testing strategies to improve your nurturing programs


  • Know Your Buyer—How to Create Personas for Your Lead Nurturing Programs

    In this lesson, learn to develop buyer personas that describe who your ideal buyer is and to create better lead nurturing programs that contain the right offers and messages to address your ideal buyer's needs.

  • Increase Conversions by Using Data

    This lesson explains how to further segment your data and align your messages with your personas so you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

  • Set Up a Content Library for Lead Nurturing Success

    Learn how to set up a content library so you know where your content is and which key messages, buying stages, and buyer personas it supports, so you can create your nurturing programs quickly.

  • Align Offers With Your Buying Cycle to Increase Conversions

    This lesson looks at where your leads are in the buying cycle so you can determine whether hard (taking a direct approach) or soft (taking a thought leadership approach) offers are best at each stage to keep your leads moving through the sales funnel.

  • How to Test Your Lead Nurturing Programs for Success

    In this lesson, you'll explore the different types of tests you can implement, and what you can test to influence change in your future campaigns to increase program effectiveness.

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