• Number of lessons: 6
  • Time to complete: 60–90 minutes
  • Topic: Management
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Learn how to implement a successful campaign that will support marketing goals and the overall brand using the right mix of channels and tactics. This course covers the campaign planning process, including defining your situation analysis, communication strategy, implementation plan, and how you'll measure it all.


  • 1 Outline the steps for creating a marketing campaign that supports marketing and business goals
  • 2 Develop a clear communication strategy by identifying segments, defining objectives, and creating positioning statements
  • 3 Implement and measure the success of a campaign using the right mix of channels, tactics, and metrics


  • How to Home In on Your Target Audience

    Without a deep understanding of your target audience, your campaign will be a waste of time, money, and effort. This lesson helps you gain insight into the nature of your most productive targets. Learn how to analyze your market opportunity, research your prospects' needs, and understand how they buy.

  • Set Campaign Objectives That Fit Your Goals and Budget

    If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there. This lesson discusses the characteristics of clear and specific campaign objectives and metrics, how to select the objectives that fit your organization's goals, and the four tactical approaches to generating a campaign budget.

  • Drive Campaign Efficiency With the Right Market Segmentation Strategy

    Dividing the market into usable segments drives campaign efficiency. This lesson explains how segmentation works and why it's of such great benefit to marketers. Learn, step-by-step, how to develop a segmentation strategy to guide your campaign, plus the key criteria to help you select the most profitable audience segments.

  • Media Selection: Determine an Ideal Marketing Mix for Campaign Success

    This lesson covers the top media channels for consumer and business markets when planning for either customer-acquisition or customer-retention campaigns. Discover the best applications for the various marketing channels, such as advertising, PR, direct-response communications, and sales promotion.

  • Move Prospects to Buy With Compelling Campaign Offers

    The purpose of an offer is to motivate your campaign targets to take some kind of action, such as clicking on an offer, visiting your store, and so on. Discover a range of proven campaign offers for business and consumer audiences. Learn why information-based "content" offers are so compelling and how to develop content that moves your prospects along their buying journey.

  • How to Measure Campaign Success

    Once you have set specific campaign objectives, the next step is to identify the metrics you'll use to determine the success of your campaign. This lesson reveals the metrics that are most appropriate for marketing functions such as advertising, sales promotion, direct response, and PR. You will also learn how to measure an integrated multichannel campaign.

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