• Number of lessons: 8
  • Time to complete: 70 minutes
  • Topic: Management
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Marketing and sales. It's a delicate dance, but it doesn't have to lead to broken toes. You're partners on the same team, after all, and if you step in sync—whether that's the Charleston or the Chicken Dance—you're sure to walk away champions (of winning new customers, of course).

This online course will show you how to create a revenue-generating partnership between sales and marketing by setting realistic goals, creating a process for cooperation, and focusing on the customer.


  • 1 Establish goals that both departments can agree on (and the metrics to measure your progress)
  • 2 Create a partnership plan for marketing and sales that opens communications and reduces costs while increasing revenue
  • 3 Identify insights needed to become more customer-centric and close more sales
  • 4 Understand the benefits of integrating your marketing automation platform and customer relationship management system with your sales team


  • Set Realistic Goals for a Symbiotic Sales and Marketing Strategy

    This lesson will help you set some common goals and metrics that are realistic and agreeable to both groups and ultimately drive revenue.

  • Six Key Steps to Develop a Winning Plan Between Marketing and Sales

    This lesson outlines six very important steps to ensure a successful partnership between sales and marketing, along with specific tools and practices that treat the two teams as one revenue-generating organization.

  • Map Out the Ideal Buyer Persona to Achieve Greater Sales Success

    Learn what to ask salespeople, what your marketing database can tell you, and how to validate assumptions that could take you off track.

  • Convert a Sales-Oriented Pipeline Into a Customer-Oriented Pipeline

    Are your sales efforts broad, aiming to reach as many prospects as possible, rather than targeted and focused? This lesson outlines simple steps you can take to create a more customer-focused pipeline and get those customers to take the next step in their buying journey.

  • Increase Sales With Marketing Intelligence

    In this lesson, you'll learn how to prepare your sales team to continue the conversation with a prospect by providing marketing intelligence, such as activity, established dialogues, and problem and priority preferences. Arming your sales team with contextual data and relevant content will give team members the insights they need to keep the momentum going and close more sales.

  • Develop a Model for Better Cooperation Between Sales and Marketing

    Is your marketing team sharing valuable insights with prospective buyers to differentiate your products and solutions? Are your salespeople prepared to discuss those insights? In this lesson, you'll learn tactics and tools for telling a cohesive story through marketing campaigns and sales conversations. Result? Increased revenue and overall better cooperation between departments.

  • How to Create a Closed-Loop Customer Engagement Process

    This lesson covers the benefits of aligning your marketing automation platform, customer relationship management system, and sales team. Plus, you'll get tips to create a continual cycle of customer engagement.

  • Five Things Sales and Marketing Can Do Right Now to Boost Revenue

    In this lesson, you'll learn the five things these two teams could be doing right now to increase their success and boost revenue—from identifying targets, to joint sales calls.

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