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If you think of measurement as the conclusion to your campaign, you're only partially right. Ultimately, waiting until your influencer campaign ends before deciding what you'll measure and how won't get you far for long. For the most accurate insights, you must also make a plan at the start and measure as you go.

In Add It Up: Measuring Your Influencer Campaigns, you'll learn how to make that measurement plan by considering your goals and objectives, determining your KPIs and success measures, and choosing the best way to capture and illustrate your data.

Plus, you'll uncover how to analyze your campaign results and apply insights gleaned from real data as you go so each campaign iteration can be infinitely smarter and more successful than the last.


  • 1 Review the four main goals your campaign can impact and pinpoint a goal you want to focus on in your upcoming influencer campaign
  • 2 Identify the tools needed to measure your goals
  • 3 Analyze the data on your influencers so that you can make informed decisions about their involvement in future campaigns


  • Let Your Goal Guide You

    Starting your influencer campaign without a goal in mind is like getting to the end of the driveway before saying to your family, "OK, where are we going on vacation?" Goals help you decide what actions, channels, and messages are most relevant. This lesson covers the four areas your influencer efforts can impact so that you can stay focused.

  • Just Prove It! (Here's How)

    Measurement must be top-of-mind from day one of your campaign. You defined your why (that's your goal, after all), but what about how you'll prove results? Let's look at some methods and mechanisms to capture the information that will prove whether your work, well, worked.

  • The Tools of the Trade: Measuring Your Influencer Goals, Whatever They May Be

    You need measurement tools, and there are lots to choose from. In this two-part lesson, we'll focus on the tools you'll need based on the metrics important to you.

    Part 1: Branding and Awareness and Sales and Leads, Oh My!

    How much more aware are people than before? What is the number of sales or leads attributed to the influencer's content? Let's focus on tools to measure both branding/awareness and sales/leads metrics.

    Part 2: What You Need: Community, Loyalty, Messaging, and Behavior

    What is the engagement and share value when an influencer promotes your content? Have there been changes to online conversation volume and sentiment around a topic? It's time to talk about tools to measure community/loyalty and messaging/behavior metrics.

  • Where Did They Go? Measuring Influencer Impact by Channel

    You know your why and your how... but what about where your influencers are talking? In this lesson, we'll dive a little deeper into the key channels influencers use and the tools you'll need to measure them.

  • Step by Step: Taking a Tally Before, During, and After Your Campaign

    If "timeless" is immaterial of time, then "timeful" means that time does matter, especially when calculating results. In this lesson, you'll dive into timeful measurement—before, during, and after your campaign—as well as some best practices for creating feedback loops so you can address issues and quickly progress toward your goals.

  • Don't Just Count, Work That Data

    Don't just sit on that new pile of influencer data—put it to use! In this final lesson, learn four essential metrics for analyzing your influencer efforts, so you know how much to invest and the results you can expect the next time.

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