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Creating and launching a content marketing campaign is only half the job. The real measure of your work is how well your campaign is performing. That's what you'll learn how to do in Analyzing the Results of Your Content Marketing Campaign.

It's easier than ever to track and report on marketing results. With the super-practical, easy-to-follow guidance you get in this course, you'll be checking metrics, interpreting data, making adjustments, and presenting your results like the content marketing analytics whiz you always wanted to be.

Learn to focus on the metrics that matter to you—the specific data that indicates whether or not your content marketing campaign has met your stated goals. More than that, learn how to clearly present and articulate your key findings to your boss, clients, and the people in your organization vested in your success.


  • 1 Set up a dashboard to track data from multiple sources
  • 2 Review data from your dashboard to assess how well your content marketing campaign is meeting established goals
  • 3 Make real-time adjustments as necessary to optimize your campaign results
  • 4 Report key findings on the effectiveness of your content marketing campaign to stakeholders at your organization


  • How to Track Results: Setting up Your Analytics Dashboard

    You've launched your content marketing campaign. Now track your results. Learn how to set up a customizable dashboard to track campaign data from multiple sources. See at a glance what's working (and what isn't).

  • How to Optimize as You Go: Making Real-Time Adjustments to Your Campaign

    Optimize your campaign in real time using a “30/40/30” method to ensure you don't miss something important. Plus, learn to ask the questions that will uncover the smartest adjustments to boost your results.

  • The Marketer's Guide to Campaign Measurement, Tracking, and Analysis

    Once the numbers are in, you can use the combination of analytic approaches detailed in this guide to make sense of what's happening, why it's happening, and how to improve your efforts. Figure out the dollar-for-dollar contributions your marketing campaigns make.

  • How to Win Marketing Budget and Influence People: Presenting Campaign Results

    Be prepared to explain the value of your marketing campaign to anyone at your organization whose opinion might impact your marketing budget. You'll learn tips for presenting campaign results to key stakeholders in an effective, memorable way.

  • How to Make Your Graphs and Charts Effective Communication Tools

    A well-executed graph can support your message, show trends, and enhance the overall presentation of your results. Learn to use graphs and charts to tell the story behind your data, and discover common mistakes to avoid.

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