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Email marketing campaigns are anything but "set it and forget it." Email is more like "set it, check it, reset it, tweak it, reset it again, segment it..." until it's finally time to monitor and report results!

In Analyzing the Results of Your Email Marketing Campaign, you'll learn just how to track the performance of your email campaign while it's underway and then analyze the overall results once it's completed.

Your measure of success for any campaign is how well it delivers on the goals you've defined. See how to quickly assess if your campaign is falling short or exceeding expectations. You'll learn to select the right key performance indicators for each campaign... how to turn a maze of numbers into insights you can use to improve future performance... and just how to share what you've learned with stakeholders to gain buy-in for future campaigns.


  • 1 Review email analytics data to assess how well your campaign is meeting stated goals
  • 2 Use analytical tools to perform campaign analysis
  • 3 Analyze and compare the results of different email campaigns
  • 4 Report key findings on the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign to stakeholders at your organization


  • Basic Email Campaign Metrics (and What They Actually Mean)

    Your email marketing campaign is underway, but you're not done yet! You need to figure out whether your email campaign is actually getting the results you want. See how to review email analytics data to assess how well your campaign is meeting your defined goals.

  • Beyond the Basics: Bottom-Line Email Contribution Metrics and KPIs

    How do you know if your email campaign is growing your bottom-line? This short segment explains key performance indicators (KPIs) for email programs that marketers should measure, and how to select the perfect KPIs based on your goals.

  • Analytical Tools for Marketers

    You might know "R" or another programming language you can use to turn mountains of data into clear, actionable marketing insights. But if you don't, our email expert showcases some available tools for campaign analysis.

  • But Did It Work? Analyzing Campaign Results to Determine Bottom-Line Results

    Perfect email messaging? Optimal delivery times? Fantastic! But results are what matter most. Learn to interpret email campaign metrics to make better decisions going forward.

  • The Big Reveal: Presenting Email Campaign Results to Organizational Stakeholders

    Learn how to distill key results from data on campaign performance; understand how to present your findings to your boss, client, or any key stakeholders.

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