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People are your biggest asset. More so than processes or programs, your people—the marketers on your team—will make or break your success. As a department head or staff manager, the key is choosing the right people, identifying and capitalizing on their skills and talents, and keeping them motivated to do great work.

MarketingProfs' newest course—Attracting, Compensating, and Retaining Top Marketing Talent—explains how you can create successful marketing teams.

Get ready to examine incentive and bonus programs and to learn how they add value to the corporate bottom line. Also learn how to create a customized compensation package that includes benefits and perks that uniquely fit the needs of your new hire candidates. You'll also see how to assess your team to make sure everyone is in the right position for their skills and interests, and understand the best practices for recruiting and hiring marketers to fill the holes. Finally, you'll learn retention techniques that will keep your marketing team productive and happy, heading off any drama.


  • 1 Gain a deeper understanding of corporate pay strategies and their role in the success of the organization
  • 2 Design customized compensation packages that combine salary, bonuses, long-term incentive plans, benefits, and perks in a combination that uniquely fits each individual
  • 3 Use a new method of assessing your marketing team's skills and interests to optimize your team and identify the specific skills and characteristics your team's next new hire will need
  • 4 Ensure your next new marketer is the right person by using best practices for hiring, from recruitment to onboarding
  • 5 Keep your marketing team productive and happy by understanding retention techniques that work!


  • Understanding Your Corporate-Wide Pay Strategy

    You may not be responsible for setting a corporate-wide pay strategy, but understanding it will help you. Why? Because you will attract and retain the best marketers because you can eloquently explain the policy, especially the policy on variable pay—and its benefits to employees.

  • Customizing Compensation Plans

    Once you understand the basics of your company's pay strategy, it's time to figure out how to customize it to best fit your new hires... and maybe even your existing team.

  • Assessing Your Marketing Team

    There are as many different marketing teams (and team needs) as there are companies. But there are a few "soft skills" that are necessary for any team to succeed. Assess your team's talents and interests, so you'll have a much clearer idea of who should do what (and identify the holes you need to fill).

  • Adding New Members to the Marketing Team

    The art of hiring has some best practices no matter the position. In this lesson, we'll examine the hiring practice and look at the best way to attract, interview, assess, hire, and onboard the best marketers.

  • Keeping Key Performers Motivated and Satisfied

    Learn about the variety of ways you can keep your team informed, motivated and happy, and constructive ways to use goals and performance reviews to assist in personal and professional growth and development.

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