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Brand admiration: it's any marketer's desired relationship between their brands and their customers. It's a state that creates and sustains lasting value for both sides—profitability for your company and happiness for your customers.

Nike. Apple. Disney. Google. Salesforce. Yes, they're well-known with good products and services you've probably used personally or professionally. But they're also admired brands, and that's the secret to their enduring relevance and success.

We know what you're thinking, but trust us—these aren't outliers. You can create, strengthen, and leverage brand admiration, too. Build brand love, brand trust, and brand respect, and in turn, see higher profitability, increased brand equity, and future growth.

That's where this course comes in. In about an hour, you'll dig into what brand admiration is and how you can use it to increase brand equity and generate long-term success.


  • 1 Identify the stages and components of the brand admiration framework
  • 2 Understand the types of strategic benefits brands can provide customers
  • 3 List three classes of benefits underlying human happiness and motivating brand purchases
  • 4 Recognize how brand loyalty and advocacy behaviors enhance a brand's financial value
  • 5 Understand how brand trust, love, and respect build brand admiration
  • 6 Uncover strategies that can have an impact on value perceptions and brand admiration

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