• Number of lessons: 4
  • Time to complete: 60–90 minutes
  • Topic: Customer Experience
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As marketers, we spend much of our time focused on creating awareness for our brands and moving potential buyers through the funnel. But we also have a powerful opportunity to create the emotional experiences our companies deliver to our audiences. Customers, yes, but also our communities.

There's a bonus: these experiences leave a stronger, more memorable impression on potential buyers, investors, and employees. That's where brand engagement comes in.

In this one-hour, interactive course featuring a range of industry experts, we'll explore the elements of brand engagement and how to build it through immersive experiences and integrated campaigns—from in-person experiential activities to social good initiatives.


  • 1 Define brand engagement and explain its benefits
  • 2 Identify key attributes and steps for creating brand engagement experiences and campaigns
  • 3 Create different kinds of brand engagement experiences and campaigns that support marketing and business goals

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