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A successful demand-generation program is fueled by content that is carefully crafted for each of the unique personas who have an influence on a buying decision.

When executed properly, your demand generation programs help you meet your business objectives. In Communicating Your Demand Generation Programs and Campaigns, you'll identify and take the important steps to ensure your complex campaigns go off without a hitch... and that they rally people around your ideas.

Each campaign requires multiple touches to your intended audience across multiple channels. You'll learn best practices to create well-structured campaigns that deliver a customized experience to the people who matter most.

You'll also see how to select the best channels to connect with your intended audience. You'll discover how to work effectively with your team, so that everyone who is needed for a successful campaign knows what to do and why their role is important. And you'll learn how to set up a reliable quality assurance process, so you can be confident your campaigns get out the door error-free. Every time.


  • 1 Structure your demand generation campaigns from business objective to channel
  • 2 Review which channels are optimal for your demand generation campaigns
  • 3 Train and manage internal stakeholders
  • 4 Determine a cadence for your campaigns to avoid traffic jams
  • 5 Develop a process for quality assurance and increase email deliverability


  • Best Practices: How to Design and Structure Demand Generation Campaigns

    Keeping customers engaged in your demand-generation campaign requires multiple touches across multiple channels. But what touches? And which channels? In this lesson, explore what makes a demand-generation campaign unique, how it's structured, and how automation allows you to create a more customized experience.

  • Develop the Ultimate Customer Experiences with the Right Channel Selection

    You have business objectives to meet. First, you must translate those objectives into customer-centric experiences. Learn how to do that as well as how to choose the channels that best engage your intended audience, and how to deliver a great customer experience.

  • Inbound Ready? Setting up Your Website for Success

    Is your website ready when you begin to execute your demand generation programs and campaigns? Can it handle the traffic in a seamless, enjoyable way? Learn to identify what you need—from the right landing pages to topical resource centers to useful tracking codes and more.

  • Who and What Is Needed: Preparing to Execute Your Demand Generation Campaigns

    Demand generation is a team effort. See who needs to be involved to successfully communicate your campaigns. Learn to manage your resources and communicate key components of your campaign as you get close to launch so that Sales and any other stakeholders are on board.

  • Internal Training Before You Launch Your Campaigns

    Before you launch a demand-generation campaign, your team needs to understand the full program including the content, channels, personas, and desired outcomes. Learn what to include in your training, what to share with each department, and how to get key players on board.

  • Avoid Traffic Jams: How to Prioritize and Manage Campaigns to Your Audience

    Managing multiple campaigns from multiple business units requires a method for prioritizing. (The last thing you want to do is exhaust your top leads.) See how to do that across different audiences by avoiding traffic jams and by choosing the right cadence for each channel.

  • Quality Assurance: Don’t Miss This Step!

    Quality Assurance (QA) is a key step in launching any program. Poor QA can put your demand generation campaigns at risk. See how to build a reliable QA process so you can be confident your campaigns get out the door... precisely the way you intended.

  • Getting Out the Door: Email Deliverability and The Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid

    Will your stellar campaigns get to where they're going? Proper email deliverability is key. Learn how to avoid 10 common mistakes centered around deliverability, management, design, and execution.

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