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Did you know that 70% of the content companies create is never used? (Never as in... never ever!)

That's because most content development happens without proper insight or a real sense of purpose.

In Creating and Testing Assets for Your Content Marketing Campaign, you'll quickly learn how to turn that "never ever" stat around. Your asset creation will match the goals you set and align with what you audience wants.

These insightful lessons, presented by a variety of subject matter experts, show you a smarter way to create content.

You'll learn how to use a content audit to uncover existing assets you can repurpose to meet your current objectives. You'll see how to set up and launch tests, so you can identify the right content mix for your audience. And you'll know how best to use an editorial calendar to maintain the right balance of content topics and types to support every stage of your buyer's journey.

By the end of this course you'll know what you have and what you need. No guesswork. No missed opportunities. No "never-ever." Just awesome results.


  • 1 Conduct a content audit so you can repurpose existing assets and identify content for each stage of the buyer's journey
  • 2 Establish testing parameters for campaign assets, set a timetable for testing, and set up A/B and multivariate testing using available tools to see which assets perform best
  • 3 Establish voice and tone and plan graphic elements based on your target audience's preferences
  • 4 Use an editorial calendar to create any new campaign assets
  • 5 Create multiple versions of creative assets in different formats


  • Finding Existing Content: How to Conduct a Content Audit

    Content strategist Michael Brenner explains how to conduct a content audit to find existing assets to repurpose for your current content marketing campaign. He also shows you how to identify the right content for each stage of the buyer's journey.

  • What to Test for Your Campaign (and When to Test It)

    Testing is key to optimizing your results. But did you know that the best time to start planning your tests is now... as you're creating your content assets? Our testing expert shows you which factors to test, how to establish a testing timetable, and how to use your findings to continuously improve performance.

  • Tools and Tactics for Testing Your Campaign Assets

    Once you know what to test and for how long, the next step is to use available tools (most of them free) to set up your tests. See how it's done, step-by-step. And learn what to do when you have a clear winner… and what to do when you don't.

  • How to Adopt the Right Voice and Tone

    The voice you use in your content is an expression of your company's personality and purpose. Few companies take the time to deliberately develop their voice. Taking this step will help you better relate to your audience. It sets your content apart.

  • The Power of Visual Content

    John T. Meyer of the infographic graphic design company Lemonly shares a simple process for creating engaging, highly effective visual content. He shows real-world examples to get you inspired and evaluates the top visual creation tools available online.

  • Using Your Editorial Calendar

    Frequency matters, because the right publishing schedule can bring in a whopping 450% more leads! Proper use of an editorial calendar can keep your content asset creation—and your content marketing campaign—on track to deliver better results.

  • Creating Multiple Versions of Assets (So You Can Test!)

    Rank higher with search engines and uncover what your audience likes best by testing various content assets. Test ideas, content types, and visual elements. When done right, you'll be rewarded with tremendous traffic and engagement.

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