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An email campaign is bigger than any single message. Every message you send must be thoughtfully, intelligently created to inspire a specific action, and to support your campaign goals.

In Creating Assets for Your Email Marketing Campaigns, you'll learn how to tackle every aspect of creating an email message. You'll understand how to craft subject lines that increase open rates, write body copy that keeps your reader engaged, create calls to action that really work, and use advanced (and fun!) visual tactics to enhance the entire subscriber experience.

You'll also discover the importance of architecture and layout, and you'll learn what the most crucial factors are in good email design. You'll see exactly how to build templates for your email messages—and how to customize them for each campaign. You'll speed up your creation process without sacrificing personalization, quality, or results.


  • 1 Design email layouts using message architecture
  • 2 Create subject lines that will appeal to your audience and inspire them to open your messages
  • 3 Create calls to action designed to motivate recipients to do what you want them to do—complete the action that supports your stated campaign goals
  • 4 Set up email templates for each type of message you'll be sending
  • 5 Use advanced, fun visual tactics to design more effective emails


  • Open Sesame: Designing Emails People Want to Open

    What you say in your email is important, but don't overlook the power of architecture and layout. If your message doesn't display properly or the layout is confusing, response rates will nosedive. Email expert Karen Talavera delivers her secrets for good email design.

  • Giving Your Email an Irresistible Body: Tactics for Writing Effective Messages (Part 1)

    Think of how many email messages are sent in a day... but how many of those messages are effective? The writing makes a huge difference. Email expert Samantha Iodice shares tips for creating subject lines and pre-header text that will get you more opens.

  • Giving Your Email an Irresistible Body: Tactics for Writing Effective Messages (Part 2)

    Getting someone to open your email message and getting them to actually read it and act on it are two different things. Writing a great subject line is just the first step. See what Samantha Iodice has to say about writing effective body copy for email.

  • Tell People What to Do: How to Write More Effective Calls to Action

    You can write a fun, creative, easy-to-read email... but your goal is often to inspire a specific action. Conversion copywriter Lianna Patch shares tips for designing calls to action that get the desired result.

  • Let's Get Visual: Using Graphic Elements to Enhance Your Emails

    Go beyond plain text by adding advanced visual tactics like animation and video, and how to best use them to create more effective, engaging email campaigns.

  • Achieve Email Greatness by Working Smarter: Creating Templates for Your Campaign (Part 1)

    A single email campaign can include several types of messages, but it's inefficient to start from scratch with each email. In Part 1 of this lesson, learn how to set up email templates to streamline message creation for your campaign.

  • Achieve Email Greatness by Working Smarter: Creating Templates for Your Campaign (Part 2)

    In Part 2 of this lesson, discover how to replicate templates and then customize them over and over for new campaigns. See what you just did? You saved time without sacrificing results!

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