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Creating assets for an account-based marketing campaign is challenging. You need to develop content that addresses the pain points and concerns of each individual decision-maker at your target account.

The needs of the different roles on the buying committee can vary widely... which means producing a variety of personalized content, sometimes in a very short time frame.

It's a difficult job, but a critical one. Creating Personalized Account-based Marketing Programs gives you the down-to-earth approach you need. One that helps you identify the array of personas you're writing to, to create content that is personalized and deeply relevant to your specific reader... and to do it all without breaking a sweat.


  • 1 Develop personas for Account-Based Marketing
  • 2 Identify roles within a buying committee to create account-specific messaging in your ABM campaigns
  • 3 Build an editorial calendar that aligns with members of the buying committee
  • 4 Develop content for target accounts more quickly, efficiently, and aligned with their needs


  • Understanding Personalization with the Content Personalization Spectrum

    The "fit" of each target account will indicate the level of personalization needed for your campaigns. In this lesson, learn to approach each tier strategically. Use your resources wisely. and produce content specific for each account to deliver ROI with sustainable, repeatable results.

  • The Role of Personalization in Account-Based Marketing

    What sets account-based marketing apart—and the key to a successful campaign—is the ability and willingness to use sophisticated personalization to create unique content for each tier 1 account. Get inspired with examples of this deep personalization in action.

  • Identifying Roles Within a Buying Committee for Better, Targeted Messaging

    There are nuances that make each individual unique. And the same goes for personas—there is more than one type of persona for a specific role. In this lesson, learn how to appeal to the different buying-committee roles involved in moving an account from qualified lead to loyal customer.

  • Using Personas Insights to Drive ABM Conversion

    Learn to use persona research to design a targeted content strategy. Then use an audit to identify what content you already have and what still needs development. Also discover a simple way to get your prospects to open your email over a competitor's.

  • Aligning Content to Build Your Editorial Calendar

    Map your content plan to the specific needs of each account—and of each person on the buying committee at each account. Then learn three ways to find, develop, and personalize content without getting overwhelmed or compromising quality.

  • How to Be Collecting Content for Target Accounts, All the Time

    Creating content for account-based marketing means creating content for a narrow audience of decision-makers and influencers. Learn how an "Always Be Collecting and Classifying" approach makes it possible to create relevant, highly specific content in a flash.

  • Cut Your Writing Time in Half with Repeatable Content Frameworks

    Save countless hours when you eliminate the guesswork around selecting topics and organizing your content. Learn to apply frameworks so you can quickly create personalized content that engages your prospect!

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