• Number of lessons: 8
  • Time to complete: 90 minutes
  • Topic: Customer Experience
  • Contributors: Douglas Leather, Stephen T. Hurley, Pelin Thorogood, Larry Weber, Cyndi Greenglass, Russell Glass
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It's a fact: customer-centricity drives superior business performance. You can no longer focus your marketing on your products and functionality alone (or mostly, even), because customers expect product excellence as a baseline.

To set yourself apart, you need to move toward experience excellence.

How? This course is the overview that'll set you in the right direction. It covers how to better understand and target your most important audiences... and how to get your messaging and content right to maximize conversions. And, most importantly, you'll learn how to reframe your understanding of marketing and how you plan your activities to put your customers front-and-center.


  • 1 Focus on the drivers of customer value management can create a competitive advantage
  • 2 Use internal data to increase repeat sales, engagement, and loyalty
  • 3 Develop customer-centric messaging that improves content effectiveness

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