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You're a marketer, which means you're also a writer. But you already know that.

While you've mastered the foundations of good writing, there's always room for improvement. That's where this course—the second in our Everybody Writes series—comes in. Based on MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer Ann Handley's bestselling book, these six lessons will help you polish your content to make a more significant impact.

First, you'll learn why storytelling is the cornerstone to the best writing and how to bring it to life with the right tone and voice for the right audience and the right time. Then, move onto what to do—and not to—when publishing or curating content. Finally, you'll uncover editing tips and tools to make your process run more smoothly.


  • 1 Identify compelling story ideas from within your organization
  • 2 Align your brand stories with your company's strategic goals
  • 3 Write in a tone that suits the reader's mindset while remaining true to your brand voice
  • 4 Generate topic ideas based on trends and news that relate to your business
  • 5 Employ developmental and line editing to streamline and strengthen your marketing writing
  • 6 Create a content curation plan for sharing third-party content in an ethical and legal way

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