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Part of your role as a marketer is understanding how well your various marketing activities perform within a campaign.

So, what do you measure? New subscribers? Webinar sign-ups? The number of people attending an event?

Performance is measured differently with account-based marketing (ABM). You want to know account-specific information. Like how many contacts from a specific company subscribed? How many of the right contacts at an account signed up for this webinar? Or registered for that event?

In How Well Are You Connecting: Analyzing Engagement Across Target Accounts, you'll learn the key metrics to measure success across your target accounts—and which metrics matter the most for ABM. You'll learn what the key indicators to look for when you're analyzing data.

Understanding your data for ABM will help you shorten your sales cycle, ensure higher engagement across accounts, and give you the insight you need to close deals.


  • 1 Identify the key metrics used for account-based marketing
  • 2 Distinguish the importance of measuring success across an account versus a lead and how that impacts what you measure
  • 3 Develop a scorecard to track success across your target accounts
  • 4 Evaluate and pinpoint an attribution model best suited for your organization
  • 5 Understand how buying signals can help you analyze where accounts are in the buying process


  • Nuances of ABM Reporting vs. Demand Generation

    Traditional metrics just don't work in an account-based model. You have to readjust your mindset and look at a different set of KPIs. In this lesson, you'll learn the nuances between ABM and Demand Generation, and what that means for you in analyzing your ABM campaigns.

  • The Five Most Important Measures of Success for Your ABM Campaigns

    To determine the effectiveness of your account-based marketing campaign, you'll need to look at some different metrics. In this lesson, Jon Miller, CEO and Co-founder of Engagio, shares the five most important measures of success for your ABM campaigns.

  • Developing a New Scorecard to Track and Analyze Your ABM Programs

    Account-based marketing requires a different set of success measures, which means you need new scorecard to track high impact goals that have a meaningful influence on your business. Learn how to identify the tactics that will accelerate sales.

  • Which Attribution Model is Right for You and How It Can Improve Your Campaigns

    Figuring out where to make investments of money and time for your account-based marketing campaigns is an imperfect science. In this lesson, you'll learn different models you can use to improve your investment decisions and to get better results on future campaigns.

  • Content Analytics: Learn What Buyers are Consuming

    Learn to use content analytics to sleuth out valuable details like what stage a buyer is at, their individual interests and pain points, and what calls-to-action are working best. Apply what you learn to accelerate your buyer through the purchase process.

  • Making the Data Actionable

    Complex marketing campaigns like the ones you orchestrate through ABM also generate complex data. Learn what to measure, what to look for in that data, and how to make the information actionable so you can use it for ongoing optimization.

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