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You're ready to hit the "send" button on your email campaign. But before you do, there a few key things you must know.

In Kicking Off Your Email Marketing Campaign, you'll learn everything you need to confidently launch your campaign. You'll discover how to use marketing automation to serve your list recipients more effectively, giving a boost to your open and click through rates. You'll see how to segment your email subscribers so that each campaign you create is reaching an audience who wants to receive those messages. You'll learn best practices for making sure every email you send is polished and error-free. And you'll gain valuable testing knowledge to ensure you get reliable data from your efforts.

What you learn here isn't just theoretical. You'll walk through practical demonstrations and see real-world samples. You can start applying what you learn immediately to make your very next email campaign your best yet.


  • 1 Select the right automation triggers and use filters for your email campaign
  • 2 Automate your email marketing campaign to trigger relevant messages based on timeline or behavior
  • 3 Build one or more recipient lists for your email marketing campaign
  • 4 Conduct quality assurance in order to catch any mistakes (proofread, check links, view email in different browsers, etc.) before sending
  • 5 Decide which elements of your email messages to test, then set up A/B testing to determine which versions of email messages perform best


  • Don't Stay Late, Automate! How to Automate Your Email Campaign

    Marketing automation helps you approach the right recipients more effectively, enhancing your open and click through rates. It also adds scalability to your campaigns. Learn about the types of emails that can (and should) be automated for the best campaign results.

  • Marketing Automation: This is How You Do It

    Understanding marketing automation is one thing. Knowing how to set up a campaign is another. In this presentation, our email expert demonstrates how to use a popular email tool to test and automate relevant messages.

  • Naughty, Nice, or Ready to Convert: Building Email Recipient Lists

    Based on the target audience you want to reach, you'll need to segment your email subscribers so you're sending relevant messages to people who want to read them. See a demonstration of how to build recipient lists and import contacts in MailChimp.

  • Avoiding Email Blunders: Quality Assurance for Email Copy

    Is your email message send-ready? Learn the best practices for polishing your email messages so you never have to experience the sinking feeling that comes when you hit Send... only to realize uh-oh....

  • Testing, Testing, One Two: How to Test Your Emails

    Email marketing gives you a lot of opportunities for testing... which means many ways to improve results. Our email expert explains how to decide which elements to test and how to create a test plan and analyze your results.

  • Win, Lose, or Draw: How to Assess Your Email Test Results

    Testing your email marketing messages only makes a difference if you apply what you learn. See how to determine the impact of your results, how to assess which optimizations to implement, and how decide which tests to conduct moving forward.

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