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Empathy is at the heart of effective marketing. But, how do you develop it? You MUST learn about your audience: who they are, what they want, and why they want it.

You need to ask questions like: where and how did a prospective customer find your brand? What made your brand memorable (or not) to them? What is your customers' overall experience with your brand? And, once they've purchased, will they remain loyal—and even recommend your brand to others?

But... what are the best ways to gather and interpret all of this customer data?

In Know Your Customer (and Reap the Rewards), you'll learn how to identify your ideal customer (and get to know your existing customers better) using data from Google, social media, marketing automation platforms, ad metrics, and more. You'll learn how to analyze prospects, as well as how to gather data to boost retention and evangelism among your existing customer base.


  • 1 Analyze the customer journey
  • 2 Use voice of customer (VoC), user experience (UX), and big data to gain insight into the overall customer experience
  • 3 Identify through advertising metrics which offers and content earns (and keeps) your audience's attention
  • 4 Leverage different data sources to optimize marketing performance during each phase of the customer journey
  • 5 Choose a customer analysis approach based on the type of organization you serve (B2B or B2C)


  • Today's Customer Journey

    Customer journeys are the new personas. In this lesson, you'll learn to use tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Audience Insights to map the customer journey. You'll also explore the role marketing automation can play and learn how lead scoring can contribute to creating an optimized customer journey.

  • What is "Customer Experience" Anyhow?

    Customer experience is about more than the phases of your customer journey. In this lesson, you'll learn to use VoC and UX data along with your analytics and big data to enhance your customer experience. You'll also build a checklist to track how your company manages these areas.

  • The Difference Between B2B and B2C

    B2B and B2C marketing are a lot alike, but there are also some important differences in terms of how you conduct customer analysis. In this lesson, you'll learn to examine your sales input structure, and figure out whether you have the right systems in place to support your transactions.

  • Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Measuring Customer Attention

    People will never start your carefully designed customer journey if you fail to get their attention in the first place. In this lesson, you'll learn to use available data sources like social media and ad metrics to figure out what gets your audience's attention (and what doesn't), so you can engage (and keep) them.

  • An Affair to Remember: Measuring the Consideration and Evaluation Phases

    Tracking which prospective customers remember you is vital to understanding whether you made good use of the attention you earned through your marketing efforts. In this lesson, you'll dive into using Google Trends, engagement data, NPS Unaided Brand Recall Surveys, and more.

  • The Holy Grail: Purchasing (and Measuring It)

    Closing the deal is the end of the first half of the customer journey (and, therefore, the first half of customer behavior analysis). In this lesson, you'll learn to use marketing automation data to determine which brand interactions persuaded people to move forward.

  • The Sticky Factor: Measuring Retention and Loyalty

    Loyalty and retention lower our costs of customer acquisition and increase customer lifetime value, so the post-purchase phase of your customer journey absolutely deserves attention. In this lesson, you'll learn to develop a deep understanding of customer happiness using data from your CRM system and your customer inbox to achieve greater retention and loyalty.

  • Far and Wide: Measuring Evangelism

    Do you know what your customers are saying about you? Evangelism is free marketing by happy customers—and it's powerful. In this lesson, you'll learn how to measure discussions existing customers are having about your brand, as well as how to find and use reviews and social media data for marketing.

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