• Number of lessons: 7
  • Time to complete: 60–90 minutes
  • Element: Strategy
  • Topic: Marketing Strategy
  • Instructional Designer: Diana Smith
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Have you ever stopped to think: what is marketing? (Hint: it's more than just logos, email campaigns, and the selling of products and services.)

When you look beyond the words and videos and images, what does "marketing" truly mean? What does it comprise? And—perhaps most importantly—how can you do it well?

At its heart, marketing is about satisfying the needs and wants of customers more effectively than the competition. Through analysis, targeting, positioning, and an application of the classic 4 Ps, your content and messaging will effectively reach and connect with desired audiences.

If all of this sounds easier said than done, or you could use a brush-up on your marketing foundations, this PRO-exclusive, interactive course is for you. You'll hear from industry experts as they walk through fundamental concepts to help you create a vision of the future for your brand and its followers.


  • 1 Define marketing and identify each of its fundamental steps
  • 2 Identify which market segments to target, and construct a positioning statement for each
  • 3 Establish your brand as an effective, feasible, and trustworthy option
  • 4 Identify the 4 Ps and their importance in defining the marketing mix
  • 5 How to gain a competitive edge through research, content, and psychology
  • 6 Assess pricing strategies for your products and services
  • 7 Demonstrate marketing success to your leadership team

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