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Influencer marketing isn't new. But the pressure to use (and succeed at) today's word-of-mouth tactic of choice is more intense than ever. You have to be proactive in identifying and making connections... that is, you have to be your own matchmaker.

But if you want your future campaigns to work well, you can't just base your match criteria on popularity. Before you jump in too quickly and end up in "it's complicated" status, you need to understand what actually motivates your audience. Only then can you identify potential partners that can influence them to take action.

That's no easy task. But being your own matchmaker doesn't mean you have to figure it out on your own... we're here to help.

In Marketing Matchmaking: Selecting the Right Influencers for Your Audience, an online, on-demand training course from MarketingProfs, PR- and influencer-marketing veteran Jason Falls shares real-world examples that bring these concepts to life. You'll learn how to fine-tune your audience personas so that you can identify potential influencers who carry real influence over your customers and community, and who can amplify your marketing efforts.

Plus, you'll learn ways to go beyond the one-and-done approach—think long-term programs that have better chemistry, bigger impact, and the best benefits for everyone involved. Imagine what that kind of winning combination could bring to your relationship!

Ready? Let's go find an influencer match made in marketing heaven.


  • 1 Create one or more personas for your influencer campaign
  • 2 Identify and map influencers to your personas' topic of interest
  • 3 Understand what motivates your personas to share content online


  • Identifying Your Type: Building Personas

    If you're going to find the influencer of your dreams, you first need to define the ultimate audience you want to reach. In this lesson, you'll learn how to build personas for your desired audience—the profiles that'll help you identify your perfect influencer match.

  • Swipe Right: Matching the Right Influencer

    Now comes the fun part: researching influencers whose content would appeal to your personas. In this lesson, you'll learn the best practices for how and where to scope out potential influencers. Plus, you'll go a step further into how to use topical buckets to narrow the field and match influencers to your audience profiles.

  • Building Virality by Fine-Tuning Your Personas

    How do your personas engage with content? You need to know, because your influencers need to not only be good at engaging their audience, but also hit on the triggers that make yours take a particular action. Now is the time to refine those personas, fill in those blanks, and ask the right questions... so you can start narrowing down the right match.

  • A Match Made in Influencer Heaven: Finding Influencers Who Actually... Well, Influence

    Look at a given influencer's content and you'll quickly understand whether their posts are compelling. Mostly spammy follower engagement? No way. Minimal likes? Not ideal. Tons of meaningful comments? The keys to your marketing heart! You'll learn what questions to ask to help determine which potential influencers may (or may not) be a fit.

  • Designing Influencer Programs with Big Impact: Buffalo Trace Bourbon Case Study

    One influencer's collaborations can lead you to other influencers. But if you really want to design programs with better chemistry and long-term impact, learn how identifying and using groups of influencers can help you accelerate results. In this lesson, be inspired by the story of how Buffalo Trace Bourbon took a one-off influencer engagement to new and sustainable heights.

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