• Number of lessons: 5
  • Time to complete: 60–90 minutes
  • Element: Strategy
  • Topic: Marketing Strategy
  • Contributor: Allen Weiss
  • Instructional Designer: Felicia Bonavita-Isoldi
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Marketing is so much more than the tactics it uses. It's also more than the planning that goes into campaigns, budgets, partnerships, and everything else it entails. In today's dynamic and unpredictable markets, you need to always be thinking big—beyond your competition and the day-to-day.

What we're trying to say is: without a strategy in place, marketing is just a bunch of busywork that may or may not be supporting you and your organization's goals.

If you feel like you've lost sight of the market forces, trends, competitors, and even customers that can have a profound effect on your business, this PRO-exclusive, interactive course is for you. You'll discover new ways of thinking that will enhance your marketing strategy and provide a competitive edge. You'll also learn to analyze and handle threats, nurture partnerships, adapt, and keep your business growing.


  • 1 Define strategy and understand its place in marketing development
  • 2 Analyze how your customers view your products and services within the competition hierarchy
  • 3 Illustrate how to use SWOT and other frameworks for greater insight
  • 4 Define a strategy to better understand if your relationships with buyers and sellers are transactional or long term

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