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Buyer-Centric demand generation is all about putting your customer first for more wins. Simple enough, if done right.

In Planning for Effective Demand Generation, Founder and CEO of VisumCx, Carlos Hidalgo, takes you through the process of getting ready to execute effective demand generation programs and campaigns. You'll learn the key steps you need to take before you start creating buyer personas. You'll discover the questions to ask—and who to ask—so that you have deep insights into the motivations of the different decision makers who have a say in the buying process. You'll see exactly how to work with Sales to set up a documented lead management process, so you know who your most qualified leads are, and that you're capturing the data you need to help them through the buyer's journey. Plus you'll discover how to measure your impact on revenue generation. And you'll find out which technology you need to drive your success!


  • 1 Uncover insights into your buyers, from internal and external resources
  • 2 Document and define a process for developing a lead qualification model, lead scoring, and service level agreements
  • 3 Determine if your lead management process is moving prospects through the sales funnel or needs to be reevaluated
  • 4 Define which of the marketing and demand generation KPIs you will adopt for your organization
  • 5 Identify the technology necessary for buyer-centric demand generation


  • Developing Insight into Buyers Personas, the Right Way

    Understanding who your buyer is and how they buy is foundational to effective demand generation. Discover the fundamental steps to take before developing your buyer personas, including who to talk to and the various ways to uncover the information you need.

  • Don't Rely on Research: Know the Questions You Need to Ask Customers and Non-Customers to Gain Insight

    When multiple decision makers have a say in the buying process, you need insights into the motivations of each one. Learn the questions to ask both customers and non-customers to uncover those insights and to learn more about the purchase path.

  • Lead Management: Developing a Lead Qualification Model and Understanding the Lead Scoring Components

    Understanding your buyer is key. But you also need a documented process to qualify and score your leads at each stage of the buyer's journey. Learn how Sales and Marketing can work together to develop an effective lead qualification model.

  • Lead Management: Defining a Process for Progressive Profiling & Service Level Agreements

    Learn how to use progressive profiling to gather information on your leads over time. Further qualify them and lower the barrier of entry. See the best tools to pass that information along. And define a common process for lead routing and service level agreements.

  • Setting the Stage: What is Marketing's Quota and How to Impress Upper Management

    What is the goal of your demand generation campaigns? It's to generate revenue. Just like Sales, Marketing should be responsible for a quota. See how Marketing and Sales can jointly move the company forward and how your marketing role helps drive revenue generation.

  • Defining your Marketing/Demand Generation KPIs

    Don't just measure vanity metrics. Visits. Opens. Clicks. Shares. They're fine, but tracking revenue is more important. Learn a list of KPIs you can adopt to effectively communicate the impact you're having on revenue to your CEO, head of sales, and CFO.

  • The 5 Different Technologies You Need to Do Demand Generation the Right Way

    The average B2B company uses 15 different martech solutions, but technology alone won't drive better demand generation. What do you need from a technology standpoint? Walk through the different technologies available and how it supports your demand generation goals.

  • The Role of Technology in Demand Generation, and What You Need to Focus On

    Before you invest in technology, ask why you're buying it and how you'll use it. Take a closer look at the five technologies you need, plus a few nice-to-haves. Learn how to decide what technology to purchase so your systems work together to help meet your goals.

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