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Account-based marketing is complex. That's one of the reasons it's so effective. But if you don't take the time to plan your campaigns… well, things can fall apart fast.

You need ample time up front to research and identify your best-fit accounts, so you can design campaigns that speak accurately to the pain points and needs of key decision-makers at those specific organizations.

In Planning Your Account-Based Marketing Efforts, Samantha Stone with the Marketing Advisory Network takes a practical approach to ABM. She shows you what you need to consider when you select accounts to target with your campaigns. You'll see how to build account profiles and how to map contacts to target accounts. (This is a constant headache if you don't do it right.) You'll also discover the value of breaking your list of accounts into tiers so you're dedicating the right kind of resources to your best prospects.

Finally, you'll bring it altogether in a pilot program that ensures your initial efforts are working... and worth scaling.


  • 1 Select your target accounts and segment your list of accounts into three tiers
  • 2 Develop a process to ensure leads coming into your CRM system are funneling to the correct target accounts
  • 3 Identify a process for tagging, lead routing, and auditing data for your target accounts
  • 4 Implement an ABM pilot program for a select group of accounts, and use the results to determine the best plan for adopting an account-based marketing approach


  • How to Select the Right Accounts for Your Organization

    With an account-based marketing model, it's crucial to select accounts with the highest likelihood of making a near-term purchase. Learn how to collaborate with sales using three pillars of criteria that guide you in making great choices.

  • How to Tier Your Accounts to Develop Personalized Campaigns

    Depending on the account, you may use one-to-one, one-to-few, or one-to-many marketing tactics. Learn to tier your accounts to give each the right level of focus and personalization based on their propensity to purchase.

  • How to Create a Process to Map Leads to the Right Accounts, Consistently

    Lead-to-account matching is a big challenge. And it's also one that's critical to get right. Learn a reliable way to track and match leads and accounts for more conversions and happier customers. And see how to align your sales and marketing teams for a better user experience.

  • Creating an Infrastructure Between Your CRM System and Marketing Automation Platform

    Account-based marketing requires careful consideration and planning. Learn to use lead routing and data audits to build the robust campaigns you need for success. You'll accommodate those accounts you're targeting without missing unexpected opportunities.

  • Setting Up Program Goals for Your Pilot Program

    Pilot programs allow you to learn while reducing risk. They work for testing ABM as a strategy, to test new offerings, to test new markets, and more. Learn tried-and-true ways to design and execute a well-structured ABM pilot program.

  • Selecting Pilot Accounts and Getting Started with Sales Training

    In this final lesson, learn what you need to consider when selecting accounts for your pilot program. Discover how to assess the results of your pilot. And get tips for kicking-off your pilot program with the sales training your team will need.

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