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Presented in short, easy-to-digest lessons, Planning Your Content Marketing Campaign delivers a thorough understanding of how to plan a smart, effective content marketing campaign.

Content strategist Michael Brenner takes a refreshingly practical approach. Here, he shows you exactly how to tackle your content marketing campaign strategy in a straightforward, easy-to-follow approach, without any unnecessary steps.

You'll learn how to uncover your best and biggest opportunities. You'll understand how to determine what kind of content your specific audience wants (and needs!) from you. And you'll gain a complete understanding of so much more that will make your content campaign truly turn the tide... not just make a tiny splash.


  • 1 Learn the big four content marketing objectives of Reach, Engagement, Conversion, or Retention, and which to choose when
  • 2 How to set specific, measurable goals for your content marketing campaign using your chosen marketing objective as a guide
  • 3 How to identify your target audience and select the best channels for connecting with them
  • 4 How to determine what content types your audience wants and how to find relevant topics they will love
  • 5 How to create an editorial calendar for producing (and later reimagining) content assets that map back to your stated campaign goals


  • The Big 4 Objectives: Awareness, Engagement, Conversion, and Retention

    Every marketing campaign maps back to one of these four key objectives. But how do you choose? In this lesson, learn how to identify your gaps so you can choose the objective that holds the biggest opportunity for your business.

  • Don't Skip This Step! Setting Measurable Goals for Your Campaign

    Learn to set specific, measurable goals that align with the marketing objective you've chosen to focus on. Discover what data you need (and where to find to it), and how to use that information to set goals to gauge your success.

  • Choosing Your Target Audience and Putting Content Where They Are

    A deep understanding of your target audience is critical to success. Learn how to find out who your buyers are, what they want to accomplish, and why they make the decisions they do. Learn how to uncover the channels they use so you know where to reach them.

  • Give the People What They Want: Choosing the Content Types and Topics

    There's a content type to match every person and purpose. You could choose articles, infographics, quizzes, videos, newsletters... But which should you use when? Learn how to identify the types of content that will resonate best with your audience and your message.

  • Creating and Using an Editorial Calendar

    Learn how to set up a valuable editorial calendar to suit your workflows and preferences. And then understand how to manage it effectively to drive future growth and collaboration.

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