• Number of lessons: 11
  • Time to complete: 105 minutes
  • Topic: Marketing Strategy
  • Contributors: Marc Folch, Jon Manning, Francesca Nicasio, Tucker Cummings, Tom Varjan, Rick Shea
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Get ready for a crash-course in a critical "P," featuring a host of pricing experts.

Learn about the pricing models that can influence sales, maximize profitability, and minimize risk. These 11 lessons explain the key concepts behind today's smartest pricing strategies—why they work, how they are relevant to your customers and business, what advantages and limitations to consider, and how to implement them for significant competitive advantage.

Through real-life examples, you'll uncover how to put these strategies into action—from employing elasticity to limited-time discounts, and why price bundles or a subscription model may be right for you. Plus, you'll get tips and tricks B2B businesses can steal from retail markets and behavioral science to improve their pricing.


  • 1 Understand price elasticity as a strategy for maximizing profits
  • 2 Identify nine ways to use behavioral economics to optimization pricing
  • 3 Increase conversions by applying retail pricing strategies to B2B products
  • 4 Define premium pricing and how to use it to distinguish your products from the competition
  • 5 Identify the benefits of subscription, bundling, dynamic, and other alternative pricing strategies
  • 6 Determine whether couponing or deep discounting will help or harm

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