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You've identified your influencer targets... but it's not quite prime time yet. Now the real work begins! Once you ask an influencer to be a part of your program or effort, they're going to have questions galore about the proposed campaign. You need to be ready to help them tell your story.

In Primped, Polished, Put Together: Creating Assets That Help Your Influencers Shine you'll learn everything you need in order to build engaging influencer programs. In this course, you'll learn what it takes to create a content arsenal that your influencers can grab, study, learn, and leverage.

You'll also learn how to land the influencers you want by writing a pitch letter that gets them to shout YES!, and how to create your own campaign material to complement your influencer's efforts. What's more: you'll discover the secrets of authentic messaging and why it's a MUST to successful influencer marketing.

Your influencers are waiting. Are you ready to create the types of programs that bring in followers, sales, and love?


  • 1 Develop a list of assets needed to develop a content arsenal for influencers
  • 2 Write a pitch letter and follow-up letter that will attract the influencers you want to work with
  • 3 Tie your goals to the experience you want to create with your influencers' audience
  • 4 Understand the importance of authenticity and how to integrate your story with your influencers


  • Building a Content Arsenal for Your Influencer

    The one person who knows best how to create content for an influencer's audience is the influencer. But you still need to give them content that helps them tell your story and that makes it easy for them. Based on your own goals and platforms, you'll learn what needs to be in the content arsenal you provide each influencer.

  • How to Write a Pitch Letter That Wows

    Now you're ready to do your outreach and tell preferred influencers, "Hey! We should totally partner!" But you've got to have a plan that pitches them on the idea, the partnership, and shares the budget. Learn the magic behind composing a successful pitch—and how best to follow up.

  • Aligning Content With Your Influencer Marketing Goals

    Time to think about the kind of experience you need to create for your influencer's audience, once they take action on his or her posts. You'll learn to plan out the content that's going to be there when they land and how to tie it in with the influencer's content, as well.

  • Being Authentic in a Carefully Curated World

    What's your brand story? What can you honestly—without spin—say about your product, service, company, or even industry? Now think about each influencer: How are they going to best communicate that to their individual audiences?

    Part 1: Authenticity: Make 'Em Believers

    Authentic messages are why your influencers are indeed influencers! They've gathered an audience of people that know, like, and trust them. You'll learn about the type of messaging you need to provide (hint, it needs to be honest and true), to build a real connection.

    Part 2: Authentic Messaging: What Influencers Need to Tell Your Brand Story

    In this lesson, you'll learn how to take your brand story and bring it down to where the rubber meets the road, so you can arm your influencers with authentic messaging that doesn't feel salesy. You want to make them—and their audience—love you!

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