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You've got your plan to take the influencer world by storm, your wish list of perfect connections, and a portfolio overflowing with customizable assets to make your influencers shine.

What comes next? If you like thinking fast on your feet and rubbing elbows with all the right people, here comes the fun part: it's time to reach out to your target influencers and help them (and your campaigns) capture the spotlight.

This MarketingProfs influencer marketing course, Talk Pretty to Me: Wooing Influencers for Picture Perfect Campaigns, is all about execution: convincing your wish-list influencers (or influencers in the making—like your super-smart, super-star colleagues) to sign onto your campaign and in turn successfully shine the light on your brand in an authentic way. You'll learn to communicate effectively and persuasively with influencers to woo them to your cause. Plus you'll uncover how to get influencers' attention by using the right channels.

Get ready for the flashbulbs, because you're going places.


  • 1 Incorporate best practices in your influencer outreach efforts
  • 2 Identify the right influencer search tools for your efforts
  • 3 Prioritize and organize your list of influencers
  • 4 Select the right channels and influencers to support your goal
  • 5 Train your colleagues to become influencers for your organization


  • Get Ready for the Spotlight

    Are you organized and ready to put your best foot forward? Influencer marketing isn't a clean, linear process, but getting to the spotlight rarely is. You need to continually revisit your plan, adjust your thinking, and sometimes even throw caution (and your original ideas) to the wind. This lesson shows you best practices for executing your outreach.

  • Don't Just Strike Any Pose: Research and Prioritize Your Influencers

    You've got a list of potential partners. So what's next? If you're thinking it's time to start emailing them, don't! This lesson will teach you how to prioritize your target list so you approach the right influencer with the right moves (and message). Plus, you'll learn how to manage it with a CRM or a good 'ole spreadsheet.

  • Channel Surf: Picking the Right Channels for Your Campaign

    In today's world, there's a lot of channels to choose from. But should you pick channels based on where your preferred influencers reign supreme? Or pick your preferred channels and then select those with the highest ratings? Short answer: it depends! This lesson will help you assess your channel options and align them with an influencer who best fits your campaign.

  • Diamonds in the Rough: Turning Colleagues into Influential Collaborators

    A willing colleague can be your most authentic brand advocate. You likely have uncovered gems like this within your company just waiting to be activated as your next influencer. Now's the time to identify internal influencers-in-the-making who can best represent your campaign to the outside world, and train them to shine.

  • Think Fast and Wow Them with Your Words: Influencer Outreach in Action

    Ready... set... go turn it into action! It's time to put all your pretty words to work and engage with the movers and shakers who have big influence among the right networks. Learn what to consider as you sweet-talk each influencer and how to think on your feet so you can ensure success for all.

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