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Influencer marketing flat-out works. Why? Because people trust their peers, friends, and people they admire more than the brands selling products and services they use. Working successfully with the right influencers in the right way can help your brand reach larger, more engaged audiences… and ultimately boost your bottom line.

If you're thinking about launching an influencer program, or want to boost the effectiveness of your existing efforts, this is the course you've been waiting for! In The Six Secrets of Successful Influencer Campaigns, you'll discover how to develop and deploy thoughtful, high-performing campaigns for your brand.

You'll learn it all: From selecting your goals and defining your audience, to identifying potential influencers, executing your plan, and measuring results—it's all here for you. Plus, influencer-marketing veteran Jason Falls will walk you through how you can apply the methodology to your own company and campaigns.

Ready? Let's go.


  • 1 How to build a case for influencer marketing and get stakeholder buy-in
  • 2 The six elements you need to build an influencer marketing campaign
  • 3 How to apply each element to your organization and pinpoint the key areas you need to develop your own initial influencer marketing plan


  • Building an Influencer Marketing Campaign Starts With Your Organization and You

    Step one in your plan is to convince the right people in your organization that influencers spark word of mouth marketing and are the key to driving recommendations and referrals. This lesson contains two parts: making the case to stakeholders, and how to empower your employees to help fuel the fire.

    Lesson 1 | Part 1:
    Stakeholder Buy-in: Building the Case for Influencer Marketing

    Chicken, meet egg: Should you start small to prove effectiveness? Or do you go big from the start to ensure the biggest impact? In either case, getting stakeholder buy-in is the first step. You'll learn whom to get onboard and get access to the necessary data to support the development of your influencer marketing program.

    Lesson 1 | Part 2:
    Employee Activation: How to Tap Into Your Closest Resource

    The audience closest to you who can ignite the spark is your own employees. You'll learn how to both empower and engage your employees and start building a group of active influencers internally.

  • Setting Goals for Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

    What do you want to accomplish through influencers? Drive more sales? Get more subscribers? It's critical to establish one clear measure of success. You'll learn how to define and measure your goal to prove the most relevant value, teeing you up for success now… and down the road.

  • Defining Your Audience and the Types of Influencers to Leverage

    Defining your audience is not so different from defining personas—but social media adds layers of social-graphics to the equation. This lesson is divided into two parts: defining your audience, and identifying the types of influencers to work with.

    Lesson 3 | Part 1:
    Defining Your Audience

    Who, exactly, is your ideal customer? You'll learn how to define your audience and how to parlay that information to identify the influencers who can help you meet your goals.

    Lesson 3 | Part 2:
    Identifying the Types of Influencers to Leverage

    What makes for a perfect influencer? It depends on your goals, of course. But in general, you want influencers who meet some basic requirements: Does their content and message align with your brand? Can they provide value? Will they give you access to analytics? In this lesson, you'll learn how to identify the right type of influencers and how to best engage them.

  • Content Arsenal: Knowing the Assets Your Influencers Need

    What resources will your influencers need? What types of assets or messaging? Learn how to set yourself up for success by building a content arsenal. The more prepared you are, the more successful your influencer will be.

  • Creating an Outreach and Execution Plan

    Some influencers are easy to reach. Others? Not so much. You'll learn pro tips and insights on how to engage with influencers. You'll also learn the nuts and bolts of executing your plan, from budget to negotiating, and more.

  • Measure Results: What Metrics Really Matter?

    Planning how you'll measure your campaign on the front end is key if you want to accurately judge your success later. This lesson covers what you need to plan for, including selecting KPIs that align with your goals, determining who will collect the data, and how to collect and analyze the data from your influencers.

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