Vol. 2 , No. 35     December 17, 2002


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  1. The Company as Magazine
  2. The Santa Clue
  3. CRM And Lessons Learned
  4. What’s Your Hogwash Factor?
  5. Why Santa's Marketing Works Better Than Yours...
  6. Marketing the Marketing Department
  7. Dear Tig: Push and Pull Marketing, Deep Content, and Getting A Brand Back on Track


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Chris Maher
The Company as Magazine

Imagine that your company is a magazine.

To be a little clearer, you're still in whatever business that you're in, but there's an important magazine component to what you do.

Okay, so what does Chris mean? Read on.


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Dana Blankenhorn
The Santa Clue

Santa is all about customer relationships. Borrow a page from Santa's playbook to boost credibility, strengthen customer bonds, and -- ultimately -- grow your brand.

Read how.

Stephen Shaw
CRM And Lessons Learned

After two years of deep slumber, the CRM market is about to re-awaken. There is a sense of renewed optimism -- not giddy optimism, but optimism just the same.

What have we learned from the past few years? How can those lessons be applied going forward?

Get the full story.


A Note to Readers

Of Plaudits, Pans, and Respites

A big, Santa-belly-sized THANKS to all of you who responded to last week’s survey.

Allen and I are still sifting through the responses to get a sense of your MarketingProfs likes and dislikes. But thus far we know this much: MarketingProfs readers are a passionate, opinionated bunch.

That's something we understood less from the tabulated survey results than from those of you who attached a few lines of email — sending me virtual roses or an occasional tomato.

Either way... again, many thanks!

Now this being the yuletide season and all, the upper management here is generously giving all of MarketingProfs the well-deserved gift of a few days off, so there’ll be no newsletter next Tuesday, December 24.

But we’ll wrap up the year with a single “best of MarketingProfs” newsletter featuring the top articles from our web site for 2002. Look for that to hit an inbox near you on or about December 27.

Have a happy and safe holiday season.

As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged.

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Branding: The Third Wave Is Here
  2. 5 Things To Know About Users
  3. Stuck with a Zero Marketing Budget for Client Gifts?
  4. Monitoring Buzz: Do You Know What Your Customers Are Saying?
  5. Secrets To Optimizing An Online Campaign

Analyzing Customers Top 5

  1. 5 Things To Know About Users
  2. Monitoring Buzz: Do You Know What Your Customers Are Saying?
  3. The Dignity of Discount
  4. Top 6 Tips to Understand Customer Evangelism
  5. Less is More Marketing

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Michael Fischler
What’s Your Hogwash Factor?

Some marketers remain mired in the notion that marketing and bragging are inseparably linked.

What's your own company's "hogwash" factor? How much damage are you doing to your company credibility by making unsupportable claims?

Read more.

Sean D'Souza
Why Santa's Marketing Works Better Than Yours...

Santa Claus Inc. is well and profitable, right through recessions, depressions and just about any economic scenario.

The reason why his marketing works better than yours is because he uses solid, dyed-in-the-wool psychology. He knows he doesn't have to use newfangled techniques, when his simple marketing has stood the test of time.

Read more.

Alt Text

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Malcolm Wicks
Marketing the Marketing Department

You’ve spent weeks “negotiating” the marketing budget and you have finally received approval -- albeit at a bit less that you would like. Now at last you can devote your time to getting on with some real marketing.

But then -- business is not going as planned and cuts have to be made. Again.

What now?

Tig Tillinghast
Dear Tig: Push and Pull Marketing, Deep Content, and Getting A Brand Back on Track

What's the difference between push and pull marketing? How "deep" should site content be? And, is it possible to re-establish a flagging brand?

Read Tig's take.


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