March 5, 2002 Circulation: 28,200+ Volume 2, No. 4
This issue's highlights include...
1 - More Than Employees: Brand Evangelists
2 - Write Within the Framework of the User Experience
3 - Your Seven-Step, One-Day Marketing Plan
4 - Secrets of the World's Most Successful Dotcom Advertising
5 - Transforming Internet Newsletters into Marketing Machines
6 - How to Beat Impossible Odds in Lead Generation
7 - When Do B2B Customers Want a Close Relationship?
8 - Book Giveaway: Customers for Keeps
9 - Advertising Information for
10 - + the top articles from our last newsletter - in case you missed it
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Do Marketers Really Like to Share Know-How?
I've noticed that marketing discussion boards tend to have very few people hanging around. In fact, other marketing sites have either closed their open discussion forums or are struggling to make them appear as though they are a hot place for sharing marketing know-how.

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The No. 1 Reason Why Most Sales Managers Fail! - Think you know the reason? Bet you're wrong!

How to Get Visitors Past Your Homepage - For most sites the majority of visitors only look at the homepage.

Don't Duplicate... Differentiate! - Don't spread yourself around.
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More Than Employees: Brand Evangelists

Your advertising. Your packaging. Your corporate business cards. And your product itself. They all reflect your Brand, and your Brand is your company's single most valuable asset. An asset that must be protected and projected in every transaction with every customer or prospect.

Developing and implementing an internal Brand communications plan will ensure that your Brand is supported and nurtured throughout the company, and beyond. An effective Brand Communications Program consists of six steps:

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Write Within the Framework of the User Experience
It can't be seen if it's not on the screen.
Read More

Your Seven-Step, One-Day Marketing Plan
You've been asking for it. Here it is. How to put it all together in a coherent plan.
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Secrets of the World's Most Successful Dotcom Advertising

Marketing and advertising managers can significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of their advertising campaigns - and thus make their dwindling advertising budgets work harder - by applying the secrets and principles at the heart of 10 of the world's most successful advertising campaigns for dotcoms. These include American companies, and

These secrets have been revealed in the very first best practice study on effective dotcom advertising.

Do I love secrets! Let's here

Transforming Internet Newsletters into Marketing Machines
There is a rhythm to the shift from prospect to customer that can be controlled...
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How to Beat Impossible Odds in Lead Generation

In an economy where only the bare essentials survive budget cuts, it's tougher than ever to promote products or services that aren't "mission-critical" for your audience.

But no matter how steep the odds, it's still possible to generate surprisingly good response rates - while attracting quality leads - by making your lead-generation offer irresistible.

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When Do B2B Customers Want a Close Relationship?
In the next issue we'll talk about building B2B relationships that last forever, but first you need to know who wants one.
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Book Giveaway: Customers for Keeps
Lois K. Geller has found a surefire way to raise your brand above the others. Her philosophy - so simple and yet so powerful - is Friendship Branding. It's all in her new book "Customers For Keeps".

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