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1 - Consumer Apartheid
2 - Your Roadmap to Tradeshow Success
3 - How to Conduct a Brainstorming Session
4 - 10 Tips to TransPlanet Marketing
5 - The No. 1 Reason Why Most Sales Managers Fail!
6 - Don't Duplicate ... Differentiate!
7 - How to Get Visitors Past Your Homepage
8 - Why You're Always Right and Customers are Always Wrong
9 - Advertising Information for MarketingProfs.com
10 - + the top articles from our last newsletter - in case you missed it

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Are You Delivering Poor Service?
According to eMarketer, a recent study showed that poor customer service causes people to leave service providers at a rate of 34%.

If you're losing customers due to poor service, first read the tongue-in-cheek article we first published last year, Why You're Always Right and Customers are Always Wrong. But then read our more serious How to Perfect Your Service. We'll help you get it right!

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  Top Articles from our
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Six Classic Mistakes...Email Newsletters Make - Hey, we added a 7th last issue.

How to Manage Your Brand Portfolio - Yes, you can learn from diapers.

3 Ways to Find Out What Your Customers Want - Because you can't afford not to know...

Your Personal Brand: Don't Expect to Lead Without It - Learn from a good example.
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Consumer Apartheid

These days there is so much ambient noise around the subject of CRM, so many extravagant claims being made, so many competing doctrines being spread, that its actual meaning is obscured by a veil of rhetoric. Is CRM a technology solution - or a business process? A marketing - or a service strategy? A reform movement - or a short-lived fad?

One theme seems consistent throughout most discussions about CRM: the differential treatment of customers based on actual and potential value, or as Business Week called it "the new consumer apartheid".

Is differential treatment good or bad? Click here to find out

Your Roadmap to Tradeshow Success
Maximize your ROI by following these 5 steps.
Read More

How to Conduct a Brainstorming Session
Let's Jam!
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10 Tips to TransPlanet Marketing

"How can we sell and market our product to six billion people on the planet?" asked Jeff Dzuira, Director of International Sales at Ferris Manufacturing Corporation.

After experiencing the process of going global he says "The lessons I learned have not come from seminars, textbooks or advice; rather, they have come from practice in the global playing field which hones the necessary skills to succeed in the marketplace."

So what did he learn?...click here to read is top 10 tips

The No. 1 Reason Why Most Sales Managers Fail!
Think you know the reason? Bet you're wrong!
Click here to find out

Don't Duplicate ... Differentiate!

In today's increasingly competitive marketplace, the demand for specialized products or services will increase. If your business sells everything or to everyone, chances are your audience will not perceive any greater value in buying from you than from anyone else. If so, price becomes the only metric by which visitors will compare you to others.

Keep in mind that price is not important.

Price is only a metric -- a currency to which most people can relate. Take the weather, for example. When you meet someone on the street, it will likely be a topic of discussion because the weather is a common denominator. Temperature is the same for everyone. "Hot" and "cold," however, are different.

What? Price is not important? Come on!...read the story

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How to Get Visitors Past Your Homepage
For most sites the majority of visitors only look at the homepage.
Click here to learn how to make them look further

Why You're Always Right and Customers are Always Wrong
Hey, it's not your fault! Or is it? Maybe it's all in your mind.
Click here to read more

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