March 19, 2002 Circulation: 32,000+ Volume 2, No. 6
This issue's highlights include...
1 - 8 Global Marketing Gaffes
2 - Where Are You Going Without Your Marketing Grammar?
3 - Five Essential Ingredients of a Good Press Release
4 - How to Win Business with Proposal Infographics
5 - Binge Marketing vs Consistent Marketing
6 - It Takes More Than a Writer to Get the Message Right
7 - Scandalous Celebrities: When to Drop Your Product Endorser
8 - ROI for e-Newsletters: The Real Story
9 - Advertising Info. for - Media Kit Update
10 - + the top articles from our last newsletter - in case you missed it
We're making sure don't miss our best stuff! That's why we sometimes re-run an article that appeared a number of months ago, but is still relevant today. This time it's about the ROI for e-Newsletters. You won't find a more accurate and useful way to figure out your ROI, plus we have a calculator to make it easy for you. As usual, if you'd like to comment on articles or ideas in our newsletter or on the site, send your comments to
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Ten Tasks for Tailoring Email Newsletter Content - Bind, don't blind, your customers!

Will a Press Release Really Help My Business? - What's there to write about?
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8 Global Marketing Gaffes

Once, when presenting a gift to a Japanese businessman, I picked up a snack gift pack on the way to our meeting. The precise number of snacks in the sleeve was four. I thought this was an appropriate quantity to enjoy and share with his colleagues. I didn't realize until later that anything boxed or presented in the quantity of four means death to the Japanese. Needless to say, I conveyed to him the "kiss of death" at the very beginning of our business relationship. I never heard from him again. Live and learn.

I know you are chuckling but don't miss my point: mistranslation (words, gesture in my case, small nuances) can sabotage your best global marketing efforts!

Here are some gaffes and how to avoid them. Click here

Where Are You Going Without Your Marketing Grammar?
The nouns, verbs and adjectives, and even a splash of color can get your company really communicating.
Click here to get your grammar right

Five Essential Ingredients of a Good Press Release
Can you add a little spice without burning your britches?
Click here to get cookin'

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How to Win Business with Proposal Infographics

If a picture is worth a thousand words, no wonder savvy marketers are beginning to pay much more attention to the graphical presentation of their business proposals.

Prospective clients facing the prospect of wading through stacks of proposals filled with hundreds of thousands of words usually welcome efforts designed to make their jobs simpler and easier.

But are all graphics created equally? Are there any risks involved in proposal graphics?

How do you find someone to do them well? here

Binge Marketing vs. Consistent Marketing
I guess I'd better do some marketing. Does that sound familiar? Then you're a binge marketer. And as doctors tell us, binging is rarely healthy.
Is binging ever healthy? Read on...

It Takes More Than a Writer to Get the Message Right

When writers have the insight and skills to create a great message, but lack the authority to do so, it's a problem.

In common with many companies that have entered the online arena, the management structure of this company didn't appear to allow these writers to do their job.

Too many interest groups within the corporation were weighing in with demands for their fair share of the homepage. Five or six of these separate stakeholders were using a part of the page to publish their views and positions.

Is this the best use of a homepage that is aimed at attracting new business for their company?

Clearly not, but what can be done? here

Achieve the benefits of high-end personalized marketing without a Fortune-2000 sized budget. Easily create and manage dynamic email marketing initiatives for each customer based solely on their expressed interests, demographics, and behaviors. Send 10,000 different emails to 10,000 customers. Gain response rates of 15-30% by creating a unique marketing message for each customer.

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Scandalous Celebrities: When to Drop Your Product Endorser
Over the years, celebrity endorsers have been involved in many different kinds of scandals, including illegal drug use, shoplifting, steroid use, posing in the nude, and being stabbed.
Who did these things?..and oh yea, what should a company do?

ROI for e-Newsletters: The Real Story
While you may think there's one right way to calculate the ROI for your newsletter, the best way to do it depends on your situation. Click here to find out how.

Book Winners

There were 5 winners who will receive Shira P. White's book "New Ideas About New Ideas." They are:
- Darla Brown, Mkt. Comm. Mgr, Ontario Systems
- Helen DeAndrade, Bose Corporation
- Tony Niederer, Mkt. Services Mgr, Northern Digital Inc.
- Jacob Luebbering, Devel. Specialist, Linn State Tech. College
- Michael Rivers, Director of Vitamin I Limited

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