April 2, 2002 Circulation: 34,000+ Volume 2, No. 7
1 - When the Message is Only Skin Deep
2 - Press Releases are a Colossal Waste of Time
3 - 6 Tips To Shock Your Global Customers: It Works for Madonna
4 - Complex Times Demand Greater Simplicity
5 - Has E-mail Won the Battle?
6 - Speaking in the Same Tongue
7 -  Like a Virgin: Is Your Marketing as Fresh as Madonna's?
8 - Are You Practicing Permission or Perdition Marketing?
9 - Be Kind to Customers: Give Them a Search Box
10 - Advertising Info. for MarketingProfs - 2 for 1 special!
11 - + the top articles from our last newsletter - in case you missed it

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Two Articles About Madonna? She has some things to teach you about marketing, and you don't have to know how to sing and dance!

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When the Message is Only Skin Deep

Jason Pontin is the editor of Red Herring magazine. And he isn't impressed by the leadership of either Enron or Hewlett-Packard.

In a recent editorial, he wrote:

"What Mr. Skilling and Ms. Fiorina have in common is their indifference to the substance of their businesses. They are all "message." They despise their employees, their shareholders, and their customers; they have little interest in the products their companies sell; but they love themselves and the trappings and power of their rank."

What Mr. Pontin articulates so clearly is what I see in the copy that is written for and by so many companies, on and off the Web.

For more messages that get under your skin, click here

Press Releases are a Colossal Waste of Time
If you're doing them the traditional way, that is...
For press releases that get results, click here.

6 Tips To Shock Your Global Customers: It Works for Madonna
Global marketers can learn from Madonna without going to the same extremes. And you don't need catchy dance-club pop tunes and crisp concert choreography either.

What does that leave - lip-synching? Click here to find out.

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Complex Times Demand Greater Simplicity

Everyone's mental switchboard is on overload. People everywhere talk about being distracted, being unable to finish projects, even being unable to sit still. Anxiety and concentration can't co-exist. Being nervous—being jittery—means being unfocused.

How do you advertise when viewers are like that? ..click here

Has Email Won the Battle?
Given the cost advantage of electronic media, does it make sense to consider direct mail as an ongoing part of your marketing mix?
Has email zapped snail-mail to death? Read on...

Speaking in the Same Tongue

The challenge facing the online marketing industry is to develop a common language that can be heard and understood across all disciplines, and to become accountable to the bottom-line goal of improving the way business gets done online.

Start communicating and improving your profits..click here

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Like a Virgin: Is Your Marketing as Fresh as Madonna's?
Call it what you want, but few pop stars and fewer businesses have understood the intricacies of Madonna's genius of reinvention and its ability to repel the inevitable end of the business cycle.

While Madonna soars, everyone else seems to stumble, bumble and disappear down a deep, dark hole.

So what is it about Madonna, Inc. that has allowed her to consistently reap profits for over 18 years on the trot?

What can you learn from the chameleon of pop music? Click here

Are You Practicing Permission or Perdition Marketing?
Permission marketing takes on many forms. Want to avoid eternal damnation? Click here

Be Kind to Customers: Give Them a Search Box
It's easier than you think, but there are lots of choices.
Click here to sort out the possibilities.

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