April 30, 2002 Circulation: 38,800+ Volume 2, No. 9
1 - Building a B2B Relationship to Last a Lifetime
2 - Tell Site Visitors What to Do
3 - Use B2B Newsletters to Reach Your Target
4 - 7 Degrees Toward Global Marketing Nirvana
5 - Are Your Messages Remembered Long-Term?
6 - Branding the Non-Profit
7 - Ten IT Sales Myths
8 - Do You Know Who's Killing Your Email Marketing?
9 - Debunking Search Engine Marketing Myths
10 - 3 Steps to Better Trade Ads
11 - Advertising Info. for MarketingProfs - 2 for 1 special!
12 - + the top articles from our last newsletter - in case you missed it

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Last week I spent a few days at the big IW conference in L.A. Fairly sparse crowds, the usual lines of people waiting for free tchockes, and sales pitches & key notes masquerading as how-to sessions. Oh well, welcome to the world of trade shows.

A lot of you seem to be very interested in email marketing, so we suggest you start with a good guide to available products. Click here for one that's free and worth checking out.

Change the way you REALLY think about marketing. Learn from the faculty at Stanford, and from true "best sellers" like David Aaker and Geoffrey Moore. I'll be there, so be sure to say hello...I'm talking about the Stanford Executive Program that's both fun and engaging. Click here for the details.

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Harness the Psychological Power of '3' - It's embedded in the human psyche.

Power-Writing for the Web: 10 Golden Rules - Experts lay it out...put power in your pen.

The Meaning of Success - What does it all mean?

Build Your Personal Brand and Expand Your Success - You can really brand yourself...here's how.

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How Do I Love Thee? Building a B2B Relationship to Last a Lifetime
With the current emphasis on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), it seems there's a customer love-fest in the making. It's an orgy, almost: Every company wants a close relationship with me, and they want one with you, too. They want close relationships with their business buyers and suppliers. Of course, as the name spells out, what they really want to do is "manage" these close relationships.

If you want to build a forever relationship with your customers, you need to first step back from the rhetoric spewed by technologists to understand what a relationship is, and isn't.

Unbreakable relationships aren't that easy...Click here to find out

Tell Site Visitors What To Do
There is such a thing as too many choices...at least when it comes to web sites. Give your visitors a roadmap of where to go...Click here

Use B2B Newsletters to Reach Your Target
The average business person receives over fifty emails a day
Is it possible to break through?... Click here

7 Degrees Toward Global Marketing Nirvana
One-person service e-shops and multi-billion-dollar traditional companies can reach global nirvana by following this path.
No pretzel positions or yoga mantras required...Read on

Are Your Messages Remembered Long-Term?
Increase the transfer of a message from your customer's electrical memory to chemical memory.
For better sales through chemistry...Click here

Branding the Non-Profit

How important is the brand in marketing, and to success in the marketplace? Very. Think about it, people don't say they need an adhesive bandage, they say they need a Band-Aid*. They don't ask for a tissue, they ask for a Kleenex*, they don't want a cola drink, they want a Coke*.

To a non-profit organization, the brand is perhaps the most important asset they have. Many corporations actually carry the worth of the brand on their balance sheets; for example, the Coca-Cola* brand is said to be worth $13 billion. However, non-profits are often at a disadvantage when it comes to branding.

To find out what non-profits need to know (and what for-profits can learn) about branding, read on...

Ten IT Sales Myths
Like urban myths, many of these business beliefs just continue to proliferate without identified authorship or business validity.
Stop battling those age-old sales myths...Click here

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Do You Know Who's Killing Your Email Marketing?
Imagine you took a trip to your post box down the road today to pick up the mail. To your surprise, you find nothing. Not one sniveling post marked letter. All you see is just an empty hole in the wall with zip in it. Annoyance would be the prime emotion here. Maybe even a dollop of disappointment.

But what if you found out that all that airy space exists simply because the post office has decided to send all your mail back. Now that would get you in a bit of a boil, wouldn't it? Frothing at the mouth, wouldn't you want to tear all those bespectacled post office workers into little vulture sized meat bites?

And then what if I told you that your email marketing business is going the same way?

More intriguing than an Agatha Christie mystery novel... Read on

Debunking Search Engine Marketing Myths
There are many preconceived notions about search engine marketing that have become established myths.
Don't be fooled...Click here

3 Steps to Better Trade Ads
Glamorous or not, a lot of money is spent on trade advertising. And a lot of it is wasted.
What can you do to make your trade ad dollars work? Click here

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