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June 11, 2002 Circulation: 46,800+ Volume 2, No. 12
1 - Heavenly Matches: Make Your Business Relationships Last
2 - Yes, Virginia, Content CAN Sell!
3 - The Power of Why
4 - Mind Your Language
5 - One Proven Way to Triple Your Conversion Rate
6 - Establishing a Search Engine Marketing Budget
7 - Email Marketing Isn't Just About Email
8 - If You Can See It, You Can Brand It
9 - Breakthrough to Creative Copywriting
10 - Respect: A Real Key to Success
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1 - A Match Made in Heaven: Make Your Business Relationships Last
We all seek that forever partner – in our personal lives, of course, but also in our professional lives, with a customer or supplier, for example. But as with any relationship, a lasting one is both tricky to find and difficult to maintain.

Such relationships are possible, and the good news is that you don’t even have to have the lowest price to make them last. In fact, it’s not about price – your prices can be higher than your competitor’s when you have the advantage of a long-term relationship.

Yes, you read that right. Read more

2 - Yes, Virginia, Content CAN Sell!
Many content writers may shudder at the very prospect of precious 'editorial’ content being degraded as a tool for selling. But it's OK for content to sell. And it's OK for copy to inform. here to feel better about yourself

3 - The Power of Why
Here's some simple, down to earth advice. Yet it represents one of the most powerful psychological triggers why people buy. WHY on earth would you ignore it? Read more

4 - Mind Your Language
A new study conducted by Global Reach indicates that non-English speakers now outnumber native English speakers in terms of online users. You'll need to brush up on your Bafaw-Balong...Cliquez ici

Click Patrol

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5 - One Proven Way to Triple Your Conversion Rate
What makes a home page convert visitors into buyers? Is it the copy, the design, the layout, the navigation, or the perceived value of your product or service? The answer is all of the above. But effective copy may be the most important element in propelling a visitor to take action on your site.

A before and after home page copy makeover offers some great lessons on how small changes in wording and design can yield significant business results.

It's makeover madness... click here for the new you

6 - Establishing a Search Engine Marketing Budget
Here's how to plan and justify your SEM budget, if you're in one of those firms that don't understand the power of this marketing vehicle...Read more

7 - Email Marketing Isn't Just About Email
The English poet John Donne (he of "for whom the bell tolls" fame) wrote that "no man is an island." Nor is any email campaign.
Forget that and you may find the bell tolls for you.
Click here to stop the ringing

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Easy Do-It-Yourself Newsletter Management
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8 - If You Can See It, You Can Brand It
Successful branding takes a product, service or company beyond market share. What your customers see, hear and experience with your brand becomes what your brand stands for.

If you have a product or service that is tangible, visible or measurable, it is easy to make it sell. You can help prospective customers relate it to the five senses.

But what would you do for a product or service that cannot be packaged physically or can only be viewed in a cluttered marketplace?

Want to beat the competition - sight unseen?... click here

9 - Breakthrough to Creative Copywriting
The next time you're banging out an ad - or resume - stop yourself from marching down the same old path.
Need a release from rote writing? Read on to break out

10 - Respect: A Real Key to Success
Respect often doesn't develop in business relationships. Why not? What can you do to increase the respect you get?
R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Find out what it means to...YOU... click here

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