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July 23, 2002 Circulation: 55,000+ Volume 2, No. 15
1 - A Road Map to Advertising Results
2 - Is Nature a Marketing Guru?
3 - Tame the Beast: Build a Living Global Brand
4 - Spam Threatens -- Or Does It?
5 - How Women Buy
6 - Top 5 Ways Newsletters Help Tech Companies
7 - Turning Occasional Buyers Into Loyal Customers
8 - First Impressions Count with Email Marketing
9 - Don't Underestimate the Power of Meta Tags
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  Publisher's Note:

Accidental Spam
Even the best intentioned of marketers, including newsletter publishers, can fall victim to producing spam. For this reason, the CEO of, Lynda Partner, in cooperation with MarketingProfs, wrote a neat little handout that spells out some ways to make sure you're not sending spam. You can download your copy by clicking here.

No More Gurus
Maybe it's just me, but I'm getting real tired of the word "guru" when it applies to marketing. There are so-called marketing gurus everywhere, and now even Advertising Age anoints people who write controversial books (like the newest books by Ries and Zyman) as marketing gurus, based essentially on personal opinion and idiosyncratic examples.

Buyer beware. Gurus are people to follow, but if you're not careful, they'll lead you off the nearest cliff.

As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged.

Until next time,
Allen Weiss

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Why Amazon Succeeds -- And Why It Won't Help You - Why search won't work for you.

The 21 Truths About Generating Qualified Leads - The truth, the whole truth, etc.

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1 - A Road Map to Advertising Results
As every savvy financial investor knows, managing risk is imperative for success. In advertising and marketing, risk management plays an equally important role.

One way to manage risk in advertising and marketing is to subscribe to a tried-and-true "methodology." This type of process allows you to learn from the successes (and mistakes) of those who have gone before you. What follows is one such successful methodology.

Want to keep your risk in check? Read on...

2 - Is Nature a Marketing Guru?
Technology rules. Yeah, for about five minutes--then natural instincts take over. Are you stupid enough to fight Mamma Nature?
Depends...will she put up a good fight? Read the story...

3 - Tame the Beast: Build a Living Global Brand
Global branding. Sounds like a “beast” to some, but it’s the buzzword in e-marketing for the new millennium. Are you ready to tackle it, you wonder? Can you afford to do what it takes to get your brand established worldwide? Let me assure you that you can!
Glad you think so! Then let's get traveling ...

4 - Spam Threatens -- Or Does It?
Enough with those e-mails promising to enlarge your ink-jet credit overnight while you work at home -- or some such nonsense. Spam is the wart that threatens to permanently disfigure commercial e-mail. Why most people dislike spam more than unsolicited direct paper mail comes down to three simple reasons.
Well I can think of at least 10! But tell me your three... Click here


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Marketing" Still trying to figure out how to leverage
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5 - How Women Buy
What women want is the eternal mystery, and we can’t all tweak our product lines to fit a woman’s top ten desires (true love, regular pedicures and sculpted upper arms, among others). So, if you want to reach women with your wonderful widget, and they don’t yet realize that they need your widget at all, what do you do?

The buying mind of a woman is a sophisticated and powerful tool. Marketers should try to tap into the characteristics of her buying mind that will guide her to thinking that what your company provides is, indeed, what she wants. Here are those characteristics...

Hey, it's quicker than a trip to Venus. So read the article ...
6 - Top 5 Ways Newsletters Help Tech Companies
Tech companies, it’s true: your customers care. They care about how you treat them and about what you’re doing to help them. They care about working smarter with you. Here's how a content-rich newsletter can help you help them.
I care too! Tell me how to show it...
7 - Turning Occasional Buyers Into Loyal Customers
I am often asked by businesses if a membership program would be “right” for their company. Here's a “yes” or “no” membership qualification test. Take the test and see if your company needs a membership program.
Can't we all just belong? OK, give me the test...


Turn-key solutions to handle all your online direct marketing needs. World class technology, maximum flexibility, industry leading support infrastructure gets you help and advice when you need it ... fast.
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8 - First Impressions Count with Email Marketing
The R word comes up a lot when talking about email marketing, and especially email newsletters. That's R for Relationships; customer, marketing, reader, prospect, partner etc.

In an email context, the first time a recipient "meets" your list is your opportunity to make that all important first impression - an impression that colors the character and path of the subsequent reader relationship.

But this first meeting is not when they get their first issue or email from you. No. If you're going to get the relationship off on the right footing, then you need to be making a positive impression before they've even signed-up to your list.

Relish a relationship requited? Read the story...

9 - Don't Underestimate the Power of Meta Tags
Meta tags used to be an important variable for high search engine rankings. Then the practice was abused by shady operators. However, there are good reasons why it's still smart to create proper meta tags.
Well I'm no shady operator. So tell me the meaning of meta...

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