Vol. 3 , No. 29     July 22, 2003


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  1. Invitation to Join the MarketingProfs SWOT Team
  2. Marketing to Peacocks
  3. What Are Your Biases and Heuristics?
  4. Web Team Roles and Responsibilities: Who’s in Charge?
  5. Trust Is a Two-Way Street
  6. The Power of Self-Disclosure
  7. Dear MarketingProfs: Digital Marketing Salaries, and Do US Privacy Laws Apply in Europe?



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Tamara Halbritter and Hank Stroll
Invitation to Join the MarketingProfs SWOT Team

Readers of MarketingProfs are some of the most experienced marketers out there. In this new column, we tap into that wealth by presenting a marketing dilemma and asking you for your best advice.

So, join the conversation. You won’t be disappointed. When we tap into our collective experience, strength and hope—everyone benefits.

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Mitch McCasland
Marketing to Peacocks

Years ago, Mitch was conducting research on the personal grooming habits of the American consumer. The research highlighted one segment of the target audience as a group of males who spent an extraordinary amount of time on hair care each day.

This group was referred to as the “peacocks.” Animal euphemisms aside, the research identified what has become known in current marketing-speak as the

What's a metrosexual? Get the full story.

Michael L. Perla
What Are Your Biases and Heuristics?

Heuristics and biases are ubiquitous because they are innate to the human animal. They apply to customers, colleagues, executives, investors and any other category to which we assign human beings.

To better understand how people’s distortions, shortcuts and biases affect how you market to various stakeholders, you should be aware of people’s thinking patterns and perceptual filters, including your own.

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A Note to Readers

Big News!

Big news this week!

You might notice a new button on the home page, to the far right on the navigation bar. It reads “Bookstore,” and it links directly to the brand-spanking-new ebook that MarketingProfs just published this week.

A Marketer’s Guide to e-Newsletter Publishing is the single source that gives you the “how” along with the “why” of e-newsletter publishing. The authors of the book—Hank Stroll and Tamara Halbritter—guide you step by step on how to create, edit, distribute, manage and track electronic newsletters. What’s more, they tell you how to convert your readers from casual suspects to paying customers.

Cool, huh?

So check it out. Heck, buy a copy—at $24.95, it’s a steal!

Hank and Tamara are all over the site this week. In addition to the book, they also unveil a new column. In it, they offer up a marketing dilemma and ask you, dear readers, for your “best advice.”

Read their “Invitation to Join the MarketingProfs SWOT Team” and start sharing your wealth of experience with this week’s thorny problem. (Or email Hank and Tamara with a thorny problem of your own!)

As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged.

Until next week,

Ann Handley


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Positioning In New Markets
  2. How To Beat Writer’s Block
  3. Making Marketing Matter to the CEO (Part 1)
  4. Metrics On a ‘Need to Know’ Basis
  5. From All About You to All About Them
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Email Strategy
Top 5

  1. 5 Key Questions (You’ve Been Dying) To Ask About Business Blogs
  2. Reaping the Rewards of Email Requalification
  3. The Email Deliverability Crisis
  4. 7 Nitty-Gritty Tips To Publish A Monthly E-newsletter
  5. Are You Using This Emergency Email Tactic in Your Marketing?


Gerry McGovern
Web Team Roles and Responsibilities: Who’s in Charge?

Significant change is well underway. The Web may once have been the almost exclusive domain of techies. Today, it is increasingly the domain of communicators.

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Kristine Kirby Webster
Trust Is a Two-Way Street

What is a relationship built on? Trust. And people buy—repeatedly—from brands they trust.

But how do you build trust with your customers? The answer is at once simple and complex.

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Randy Siegel
The Power of Self-Disclosure

Self-disclosure is the hardest piece of the communication puzzle. Yet, it's critical.

Why? Get the full story.

Tig Tillinghast
Dear MarketingProfs: Digital Marketing Salaries, and Do US Privacy Laws Apply in Europe?

This week: How much do digitial marketers make? Also, how are US privacy laws regarded in the European market?

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Publisher:Allen Weiss

Content: Ann Handley


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