Vol. 3 , No. 30     July 29, 2003


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  1. Structures of Persuasion
  2. Let GM Teach Us How Not to Advertise
  3. Content Management: Critical Skill of the Modern Manager
  4. Why Goliath Needs David
  5. Your Web Metrics Can Be All Wrong (Part 1)
  6. Mail Order: Eight Steps to Doing It Right


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Chris Maher
Structures of Persuasion

Let’s face it, friends. As marketers we are in the business of mindfully structuring appearances and messages to create an attractive experience that is calculated to persuade.

Assuming that we are nudged along by various structures—sometimes persuaded to take a certain action or purchase a good, sometimes just guided in innocuous and unimportant ways—are we changed even a little by regular exposure to these structures?

Come along as Chris takes you on a tour through what he sees as “structures of persuasion.”

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Gator auto SUV clients know their ads are only seen by people who are interested in SUVs. By targeting ads based on Web wide online behavior, the results are stunning. Gator

Michael Fischler
Let GM Teach Us How Not to Advertise

Michael doesn't think it’s fair to criticize advertising campaigns—picking apart someone else’s hard work is for non-achievers, he says.

But today, he's compelled to make an exception.

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Gerry McGovern
Content Management: Critical Skill of the Modern Manager

The Internet has changed how organizations manage. Historically, management was focused on “walking and talking.” Today, “reading and writing” are becoming more and more central.

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A Note to Readers

Going Mobile

Greetings discerning readers!

In our ongoing quest to serve you better, the MarketingProfs home team has added one new feature and improved a second.

First up: Readers can now access our newest articles on the site through a wireless browser using a cell phone or PDA (assuming it has a browser on it). Point your wireless browser here:


MarketingProfs contributor Mitch McCasland sent me this note when he viewed some of his colleague’s articles via the Handspring Blazer microbrowser on his Samsung i-500 phone:

“It looks good. Unlike the Web sites referenced in my article ‘Your Web Site Is Useless and Invisible,’ your Web site is USEFUL and VISIBLE.

“Way to go!”

Second: Our search feature has be en significantly refined and upgraded, thanks to our fine friends at AtomZ. That’s good news for those of you looking for very specific information from us. (And believe me, there are many of you.)

Finally, a special thanks to all of you who have sent such positive feedback for our first ebook, A Marketers Guide to e-Newsletter Publishing: Your Roadmap for Visibility and Profit, by MarketingProfs’ very own Hank Stroll and Tamara Halbritter.

As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged!

Until next week,

Ann Handley


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Marketing to Peacocks
  2. Invitation to Join the MarketingProfs SWOT Team
  3. Web Team Roles and Responsibilities: Who’s in Charge?
  4. What Are Your Biases and Heuristics?
  5. Trust Is a Two-Way Street
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Strategy Top 5

  1. Positioning In New Markets
  2. Invitation to Join the MarketingProfs SWOT Team
  3. Making Marketing Matter to the CEO (Part 1)
  4. Metrics On a ‘Need to Know’ Basis
  5. The Three Cs of Branding


David Luff
Why Goliath Needs David

Remember back to the good old days of the last millennium, when there seemed to be a new company popping up every six minutes or so. The big, traditional “Enterprises” were left in the dust, wondering how they could have been so easily be outflanked.

Then things shifted. Many of these companies—the Goliaths—played it conservatively. They stayed true to their customers and socked away their excess cash for a rainy day.

Well, it’s raining now.

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Wil Reynolds
Your Web Metrics Can Be All Wrong (Part 1)

Issues inherent in Web data analysis make it difficult to get accurate, insightful data. This article’s purpose is to make you aware of the pitfalls associated with Web data analysis so you can plan for or avoid them.

Here are five ways your data can be skewed by the very technology you seek to leverage.

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John Schulte
Mail Order: Eight Steps to Doing It Right

Learning mail order advertising techniques is one of the most important sales and marketing skills you can obtain.

Why? Because mail order advertising is measurable. Each and every ad has to prove itself in results. You know if your advertising is working—whether it’s making you money or not.

Here are eight tips to start you off on the right track.

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Publisher:Allen Weiss

Content: Ann Handley


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