OCTOBER 23, 2001   VOLUME 1, NO. 15 

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1 - All that Glitters is Not Sold
2 - Uncovering Customers' Real Motivations
3 - End the Scourge of Wasted Data
4 - Selling is Like Dating
5 - You'll Be Judged by Your Voice
6 - 5 Myths about Search Engine Optimization
7 - Do Start-Ups Need Marketing?
8 - Why E-commerce Didn't Die with the Fall of Webvan
9 - + the top articles from our last newsletter - in case you missed it

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Discover the power of the palette....

All that Glitters is Not Sold

Studies show that men move more quickly through stores than women, so retailers have to attract their attention. In addition, people are naturally more inclined to move to the right when they enter a store, which is why the right side is considered prime real estate, where some of the most important merchandise is placed.

But what if you want to move consumers to the back of the store, or other nooks and crannies? Can color help you? In fact, the unique use of color can always attract attention - if you know how color affects people's emotions and moods.

How does color affect your mood?...read the story

Uncovering Customers' Real Motivations
Here's a technique to help you find out what consumers want and why they want it.
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End the Scourge of Wasted Data
Structure your data right, and it's almost as good as being there with your customer.
How do you do that?

Learning the body language of buyers....

Selling is Like Dating

There's a lot going on when a sale is made - a lot that happened to get to that magical point where the customer reaches into her Coach bi-fold and hands over her plastic.

How did she get to that point? What made her choose your product over all the others she could have purchased? Was it the advertising? The features of the product itself? Her mood? The persuasiveness of your sales staff? The behavior of consumers is complex, but there is a systematic set of steps you can take to help turn browsers into buyers. And it's useful on and off the web.

Can I learn my "behavioral style" too?...Absolutely! Read on

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You're Judged By Your Voice
Write with a voice that is true to your clients, their customers and the culture of communicating online.
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Some people think start-ups just need marketing tactics....

Do Start-Ups Need Marketing?

Of course they do, but not just the tactics you typically read about. To be sure, tactics like trade shows, how to give away free samples, and advertising are important things to know for any startup. But why start-ups often fail (and most do) is not due to a failure in understanding the tactics of marketing. It has far more to do with some important principles of marketing that tend to get ignored.

So what do start-ups really need to know? Here's our list....read on

Top Articles from our Last Newsletter

Learning to Listen - Listening means hearing the other person speak.

Why Marketing Gets No Respect -
What you can do to gain some.

Ask for Less - Get More - How to slip through the clutter.

Recognition, Not Recall - Do you prefer multiple choice or essays?

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