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1 - "Usability" for Better Customer Relationships
2 - In the Service of One-Night Stands?
3 - How to Commit Brand Suicide
4 - Search Engine Marketing: Can You Afford Not To?
5 - Credentialism
6 - Tap into the Viral Power of 'Tell A Friend'
7 - Do Customers Trust Your Brand? -
from the archives
8 - Advertising Information for MarketingProfs.com
9 - + the top articles from our last newsletter - in case you missed it

Publisher's Note: This is the first anniversary issue of the MarketingProfs newsletter. It is also the final issue of 2001. We will not be publishing our next regularly scheduled newsletter that, this year, would fall on Christmas Day. Thanks to all of you who supported us during this past year. We wish you a safe and prosperous 2002!

Go make yourself useful!…

"Usability" for Better Customer Relationships

"Usability" is a concept that's caught fire in many professional circles lately. Unfortunately, there's little consensus on what it actually means: maybe you think of "usability" as that last-minute QA test done just before launch, or perhaps you picked up a book on usability, and feel inspired to redesign your home page.

Regardless of what you've heard about usability, set it aside for now, because what's important is the concept's overarching principle: the goal of usability, or user-centered design, is to build useful products and usable websites by a) researching customer needs and b) building solutions based on those needs.

Ok. How do I make my products more "usable?" Find out

In the Service of One-Night Stands?
What kind of a customer are you REALLY dealing with?
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How to Commit Brand Suicide
It's easy to do. We'll show you how.
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People won’t come if you’re not on the map…

Search Engine Marketing: Can You Afford Not To?

CEOs and marketing managers use many marketing strategies to achieve their sales and profit goals, but many are unaware of the power of search engine marketing. As a result, search engine optimization (SEO) sometimes gets short shrift. That's unfortunate because it's a very effective marketing strategy and gives you an excellent ROI.

CyberAtlas reported only 24 percent of e-businesses surveyed receive the majority of their site traffic from search engines, which means three-quarters of them could benefit from search engine optimization services. Most traffic comes from search engines, so when your site is not correctly optimized to attract these prospects, this represents a lost opportunity.

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The weakest of credentials can influence a person's behavior.
How so?

Psst! I've got something to tell you...

Tap into the Viral Power of 'Tell A Friend'

Some content sites add a Tell A Friend or 'Email this to a Friend' link at the end of each article or passage of content.

Ecommerce sites may add the Tell A Friend link on a product purchase page. "This product isn't for you? Then maybe you know someone who would like it."

And from time to time you'll see that Tell A Friend link in an email or newsletter.

What is surprising is that companies don't use the power of Tell A Friend more often - and that they don't do a better job of it.

Yes..I've seen these Tell a Friend pitches...Can I make them work for me?... read the story

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Do Customers Trust Your Brand?
Everyone wants a trusted brand, but how do you achieve it?
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