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June 25, 2002 Circulation: 48,200+ Volume 2, No. 13
1 - Branding Your Employees
2 - How to Sell IT and Professional Services in 20 Minutes!
3 - PowerPoint Presentations Can Learn from TV Commercials
4 - What's the Big Dif' Between Marketing & Advertising?
5 - PR Isn't for Press Release
6 - Put Search Engine Marketing in Your Web Design
7 - 8 Things That Belong in Your Email Newsletter
8 - Applying Old Rules in a New Technology Age
9 - Tradeshow Success: 5 Tactics That Can Make a Difference
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+ Top articles from our last newsletter - in case you missed it
  Publisher's Note:
You Talk, We Listen
In the most recent MarketingProfs survey, a bit of which I shared with you in the last issue, you asked for more articles on branding, email marketing, advertising, and understanding relationships.

Well, friends, dig into this week's issue for Kristine Kirby Webster on branding, Mark Brownlow on email marketing newsletters, Kimberley McCall on advertising, and Paul DiModica on selling and building relationships. Sean d'Souza is back with some fun stuff about presentations, too.

As I said, you talk, we listen.

As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged.

Until next time,
Allen Weiss

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  Top Articles from our
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A Match Made in Heaven: Make Your Business Relationships Last - Then you don't have to compete on price.

One Proven Way to Triple Your Conversion Rate - It's makeover madness!

Yes, Virginia, Content CAN Sell! - And it's OK for copy to inform.

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1 - Branding Your Employees
Marketing. When most people hear the word, they think of marketing to prospective customers, or to existing ones. Essentially, they think of marketing as an externally-focused business function.

But what about marketing to your internal customers – your employees? Employees are walking, talking advocates for your brand. They're like the choir of your company. However, most companies spend little time, attention, or money on internal marketing and branding, such as making sure employees understand the brand and communicate it well.

Can your choir preach? Click here to make them sing your brand's song.

2 - How to Sell IT and Professional Services in 20 Minutes!
To sell more IT and services, as salespeople we need to value our time more than the prospect does. Let's be honest - prospects will waste your time!
Increased sales in just 20 minutes a day! Click here.

3 - PowerPoint Presentations Can Learn from TV Commercials
Do you ever wonder why some PowerPoint Presentations are so much better than others? Why do some have amazing powers of persuasion while others simply bore you to death?
Need more PowerPoint pizzazz? We're here for you. Read on...

4 - What's the Big Dif' Between Marketing & Advertising?
Marketing and advertising are fuzzy disciplines to begin with - ask 20 experts what the difference between the two is, and you'll get 20 different answers.
Want the right answer? Click here...

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5 - PR Isn't for Press Release
It's time again for someone to stand up against press releases. This may sound like sacrilege from a PR guy. Lots of business people, and probably your friends in the media, think writing and issuing press releases are all PR flacks live for.

But when creating an effective public relations program, press releases may be among the last things you need to worry about. Nor does a string of press releases issued on a weekly basis mean you have a publicity program.

So how do I remove the press from my publicity? Read the release...

6 - Put Search Engine Marketing in Your Web Design
Before you start publishing your fancy new website, learn how to get it read. Click here to find the solution...

7 - Beyond Content: 8 Other Things That Belong in Your Email Newsletter
Times change. First there were one-off promotions, then campaigns, and now opt-in email newsletters are at the forefront of email marketing efforts. Content is (still) king in email newsletters.
Ok, but what's queen? And Jack? And... Click here to ante up.

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Easy Do-It-Yourself Newsletter Management
E-Mail Newsletters are a powerful marketing and relationship tool. The Spd E-Letter v4.0 combines this proven medium with advanced personalization and tracking features, providing you a solution with far more flexibility and power than anything else on the market, all at a price you can afford.

8 - Applying Old Rules in a New Technology Age
One of the greatest challenges facing a business selling its products or services over the internet is converting “visitors” into “buyers”.

Bringing the potential customer to the website is just half the battle. The real challenge is making the sale. It is no secret that selling is hard when done face to face or over the phone. When you consider that a website is the first contact a potential customer has with a business, the challenges to selling online are obvious.

Up to the challenges of a New Age? Then let's go...

9 - Tradeshow Success: 5 Marketing Tactics That Can Make a Difference
Studies show that tradeshow sales beat comparative spending on advertising, direct mail, and other marketing efforts. So how do you get the tradeshow you attend to really pay off? Be the tradeshow's top trader.
Just follow these five tactics.

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