OCTOBER 9, 2001   VOLUME 1, NO. 14 

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1 - Learning to Listen
2 - Recognition, Not Recall
3 - Why Twins Have the Same Surname, but Different First Names
4 - Let Customers Call the Shots
5 - Why Marketing Gets No Respect - redux
6 - Email Marketers: Ask for Less - Get More
7 - Feed the Need
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Listening means hearing the other person speak....

Learning to Listen

Part of the folklore of CRM is the idea of a customer dialogue. The term is constantly referenced in trade articles, industry conferences and vendor pitches as if it actually stood for something - as though it was fact instead of hyperbole. "Our long-term goal is to create a dialogue with our customers," airily proclaims a senior marketing manager in a recent issue of Information Week. "E-mail is a great way to make that happen."

How exactly? By jamming customer in-boxes with personalized newsletters, most of which are the interactive equivalent of a household flyer? What kind of dialogue is that?

Learn how to do it right...read the story

Recognition, Not Recall
When you were in college, did you prefer essays or multiple choice exams?
Find out what this has to do with marketing

We all need our own identity....

Why Twins Have the Same Surname - and Different First Names

Parents know it instinctively. To differentiate one from the other, they give their newborns different names. Most businesses beg to differ and often end up giving the same name to multiple (and widely differing) products without realizing the negative impact on the brand.

No matter if you've got a growing business or a well-established one: It's important not to ignore that important law of physics. Two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

Ok, so what should I do?...read the story

Marketing Tips

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Why Marketing Gets No Respect
Back by popular demand.
Read what you can do to get respect

How to be the squeaky wheel through email....

Email Marketers: Ask for Less - Get More

There's a raging battle going on for the attention of anyone who has an email inbox.

Email is the weapon du jour for online marketers. Why invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in TV ads when you can reach millions of email inboxes for just a fraction of the price? Or so the current thinking goes. The trouble is, the more emails people receive, the less attention they pay to each individual message.

To stand out from the crowd, online marketers are going to great lengths in order to attract the attention of their audience. The argument goes something like this:

"If I shout louder and more frequently, the customer will hear me above the din."

Will this really work?...read on

Feed the Need
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