SEPTEMBER 18, 2001   VOLUME 1, NO. 13 
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1 - Is Branding on the Web Really Dead?
2 - Keep the Message Focused
3 - Nomads in the Desert
4 - Confuse the Customer? It's Not Hard to Do
5 - Topping Sales with Testimonials
6 - Warning! Avoid These Common e-Marketing Mistakes!
7 - Imprecise Language Can Kill Your Marketing Strategy

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No need for the funeral march just yet....

Is Branding on the Web Really Dead?

Many magazines and websites need to make money and do so by making wild claims and exaggerations to draw you in. Most of these "insights," however, are simply not true. Perhaps the biggest area of marketing subject to such false promises is branding.

Here's an example: A recent article seductively titled "Forget What You Knew About Branding. The Web Changes Everything" claimed to describe why four marketing experts agreed with this view. It turns out many people think this way. But most of the ideas about branding in this, and many other articles, are simply wrong.

For example, some people think that because a brand fails, branding is bad or dead.

Nothing could be further from the the story

Keep the Message Focused
Quick...what does your site stand for?
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Opinions masquerading as truth?....

Nomads in the Desert

Tech journalists are always happy to see separate research firms come out with reports on the same topic in the same week. A report from one research firm provides that firm's opinion on a certain trend, but two reports offering the same opinion validate the opinion. Often, it seems, it takes just two reports to change opinion into gospel truth.

Well, as the old cliché goes, two swallows do not a summer make, and two reports saying the same thing do not gospel truth make. In the case of the two reports released last week by Jupiter and Forrester on the subject of return on investment (ROI) in websites, they do not any sense make.

Oh really? ...Tell me why

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Topping Sales with Testimonials
I like Michael Jordan. He likes Nike shoes. I guess I should like Nike Shoes.
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Don't make any e-mistakes!....

Warning: Avoid These Common e-Marketing Mistakes!

"E-marketing" is just marketing that takes place over the Internet. I know, deep. But stay with me. Because it has the letter "e" in front of it, people often get anxious that there might be some hidden 'new rules' and 'secrets' that only true e-commerce and Internet gurus know about. As a result, plenty of smart people make plenty of silly mistakes when it comes to marketing within this medium. Let's start with the first, which crystallizes what we've just mentioned.

Mistake: Believing that some new set of e-marketing rules applies, and that traditional marketing theory is passé.

Why is this a mistake? here

Imprecise Language Can Kill Your Marketing Strategy
Do your marketing meetings feel like people are talking in different languages?
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