Vol. 3 , No. 43     October 28, 2003


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  1. Fresh Eye for the Marketing Guy
  2. Planning Process Out the Window? SWOT Team Gets It Back
  3. Making Marketing Matter: The Skills You Need According to Spencer Stuart’s Jerry Noonan
  4. The Accidental Business Coach
  5. Will California’s Spam Law Kill Your Email Marketing?
  6. Harnessing the Customer Stampede Factor
  7. Eight Steps to Getting Speaking Engagements



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Gary Goldhammer and Linda Zimmer
Fresh Eye for the Marketing Guy

Time to face facts: our marketing strategies are stale and our customers are exhausted and (worse) bored. We need something in the mix that is enticing, a new approach without all the preservatives and additives.

We should be offering the stuff our customers are truly starving for—real knowledge and real connections, a voice instead of “the brand.”

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Tamara Halbritter and Hank Stroll
Planning Process Out the Window? SWOT Team Gets It Back

How can you make strategic planning more productive? What tips can you give to improve the strategic planning process and its results?

Also this week: Tips on marketing with a bare-bones staff.

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Roy Young
Making Marketing Matter: The Skills You Need According to Spencer Stuart’s Jerry Noonan

In his work as executive search consultant, Jerry has helped many organizations fill senior-level marketing positions.

Here, Jerry outlines the critical skills that marketers need in order to build equity within their organizations, and he talks about the unique value that marketing brings to the table.

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A Note to Readers

Big Cheese and Big Picture

Judging from the reader comments I receive and the activity on the site, it’s clear many of you have been reading the excellent Q&As appearing weekly by our own Roy Young.

If you aren’t among those readers, you’re missing out! Over the past several weeks, Roy’s interviewed the big marketing cheese of New York City, the man who's responsible for marketing Visa’s significant brand, and many others. They are all part of Roy’s “Making Marketing Matter” series, a version of which is coming soon to an ebook store near you. (Yes, that would be ours.)

For a complete listing of Roy’s interviews, click here.

And take a look at his latest interview today, with executive search consultant Jerry Noonan with Spencer Stuart.

As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged.

Until next week,

Ann Handley


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Advertising Is Dead; Long Live PR
  2. Making Marketing Matter With the New York City Brand: An Interview With CMO Joe Perello
  3. The Delicate Art of Generating Client Introductions
  4. Choose Your Words Carefully
  5. SWOT Team Addresses MarCom Breakdown
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Email Strategy
Top 5

  1. Hello, My Name Is Mike... and I Send Out Email
  2. 5 Key Questions (You’ve Been Dying) To Ask About Business Blogs
  3. Why Opt-In Just Doesn’t Matter
  4. Are PDF Newsletters Retro—or a Smart Move?
  5. The Email Deliverability Crisis



Nick Usborne
The Accidental Business Coach

What used to take weeks of research and strategic planning can now be done in an hour or less, with tools like Site Build It! and others.

Even if you have an existing business, these tools are a great way to identify strengths and weaknesses in both your business and marketing plans. You can even use them to figure out the language to use in your next brochure or direct mail piece.

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Brian Klais
Will California’s Spam Law Kill Your Email Marketing?

In case you haven’t heard, California’s new spam law prohibits the sending of unsolicited email advertisements starting in the new year. While the law is aimed at spammers, its wake is rippling toward every legitimate email marketer.

Why? Because the bill takes an “opt-in” approach, similar to what the European Union has adopted. And it applies to any email address used by a resident of (or accessed from) California.

How many people does this include on your list? You’re not sure? Gulp.

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Sean D’Souza
Harnessing the Customer Stampede Factor

Does your marketing campaign tend to go suddenly quiet?

The phone should be ringing off the hook, your Web server should be crashing with the number of orders, yet all you hear is the sound of silence. One psychological factor could throw your entire marketing campaign out of whack.

What is that factor? And how can it make your campaign come alive again?

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Steve Markman
Eight Steps to Getting Speaking Engagements

Speaking at public forums often results in new business, because an audience of potential customers or clients gains an increased awareness of you or your company, as well as its strengths.

So how do you get the gigs?

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Publisher:Allen Weiss

Content: Ann Handley


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