Vol. 3 , No. 48     December 2, 2003


In this Newsletter:

  1. Where Are You Going and How Will You Get There?
  2. Do You Suffer From Technology Migration Migraines?
  3. Making Marketing Matter: An Interview With March of Dimes SVP Doug Staples
  4. PowerPoint Presentations Online: No! Stop! Don’t!
  5. Financial Intelligence for Strategic Planning
  6. The Intranet Gets Serious (Part 1)
  7. Error Messages: More Important to Your Web Site Than You Think


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Marc Hausman
Where Are You Going and How Will You Get There?

Every successful business starts with a plan that details where the company expects to be in three to five years and broadly touches on how it will get there.

An articulated communications strategy can help support your company’s efforts in meeting the goals of its business plan. A communications strategy, including marketing and public relations, is responsible for building the awareness and credibility that leads to sales needed to reach those business objectives.

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Claria travel company clients know their ads are only seen by people who are planning a trip. Target ads based on behavior for stunning results with Claria, formerly The Gator Corporation.

Allen Weiss
Do You Suffer From Technology Migration Migraines?

Technology migration refers to the movement of customers from one (old) technological generation to another (new). But convincing customers to migrate can cause severe migraines for managers.

So what are your options? What are the things you must consider when weighing those options?

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Roy Young
Making Marketing Matter: An Interview With March of Dimes SVP Doug Staples

With incidences of polio now rare, the March of Dimes has had to reinvent itself. Top management relied on marketing to help identify and focus that new direction and communication.

Read how Doug Staples, the top marketing executive, makes marketing matter in the nonprofit organization.

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A Note to Readers

Skewered Straight

It’s been a long while since I received as much email as I received last week—especially during what was for many a holiday week.

I returned from a four-day Thanksgiving sojourn to even more comments and notes from those who felt fired up enough to write with their own opinion of something I talked about in this space last week—John Dvorak’s rant in PC Magazine. In that piece (“Co-opting the Future”), Dvorak skewers Weblogs and bloggers, suggesting that blogging is overhyped and not nearly as revolutionary as some would have you believe.

Not all of you… uh… agreed with John. Hence the deluge of mail, warning me to back off or you’d blog about me. As my six-year-old would say, “Sheesh!”

I never said I agreed with John’s take on blogging. (MarketingProfs has a blog, see?) But I admit that I have a soft spot for contrarians. They sure make you think.

Nevertheless, you made excellent points, and I enjoyed the interaction immensely. A particular thanks to Chuck Frey, Mike DeWitt and Margaret Meigs, who weighed in with longer, more thoughtful rebuttals. And thanks to Marc Sirkin, too, who sent his own rant in agreement with Dvorak.

One thing is for sure: you bloggers are a passionate bunch. Either that, or you spend way too much time online. (Only kidding you there! Please—no vicious letters!)

Until next week,

Ann Handley

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Last Issue's Top 5

  1. How We Confuse the Heck Out of Our Customers
  2. Are Marketers Chasing Rainbows?
  3. SWOT Team Debates Digital Versus Print
  4. The Marketing Scenario: A Reality Check on Your Marketing Strategy
  5. Small Business Branding: The Personal Connection
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Amy Gahran
PowerPoint Presentations Online: No! Stop! Don’t!

Why are some people compelled to put their PowerPoint slides on the Web? The vast majority of slide presentations are intended to support a live talk, and they make little or no sense out of that context.

When content is so cryptic as to be frustrating, it’s anti-content. It undermines the goals of both the author and the reader.

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Jim Lenskold
Financial Intelligence for Strategic Planning

Bringing financial intelligence into the intelligence mix offers new insight into the potential value of strategic and tactical alternatives. It also leads to a disciplined approach to marketing campaign development.

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Gerry McGovern
The Intranet Gets Serious (Part 1)

Finally, organizations are getting serious about how they manage their intranets.

The intranet is now moving out of an evolutionary, experimental phase into a more systematic, managed phase. It is being seen as an asset, a driver of productivity.

However, return on investment measurement for the intranet still requires a lot of work.

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Grace A. Stoeckle
Error Messages: More Important to Your Web Site Than You Think

To distort Isaac Newton’s third law of motion: for each erroneous action that is taken on a Web site, there should be an equal but opposite error message that puts us back on the path of success.

Why, then, is the average user’s performance on the Web still riddled with frustration and, well, unresolved and repeated errors?

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Publisher:Allen Weiss

Content: Ann Handley


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