Vol. 3 , No. 7     February 18, 2003


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  1. Moving From Words to Deeds to Restore Public Trust
  2. Does Your Brand “Walk the walk”?
  3. Six Survival Strategies for the High-Tech Marketing Executive
  4. Overcoming the 6 Enemies of Good Marketing Messages
  5. This Is Not Your Father’s Life Cycle Management
  6. Killer Scarifies: The Real Effects of Reduced Marketing
  7. Email 101: How to Market Effectively


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Judy Hopelain
Moving From Words to Deeds to Restore Public Trust

Corporate America – the brand – may well be grappling for years to come with the damage it suffered as a result of transgressions that surfaced last year.

The challenge business now faces is restoring public trust, and overcoming the negative associations that have become linked with the brand.

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Kristine Kirby Webster
Does Your Brand “Walk the walk”?

Employees are your first-line brand ambassadors. Think Wal-Mart and its “associates,” Disney and the “cast members." Such employees not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

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Basil Harris, Jr.
Six Survival Strategies for the High-Tech Marketing Executive

Here are six simple but powerful strategies to help navigate today’s rocky high-tech management waters.

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A Note to Readers

Too Big For Its Niches

A new book arrived this week that should cause some marketers to sit up and take notice.

Marketing to Women by Martha Barletta (Dearborn, 2003) says the power of women in making and influencing buying decisions is enormously underrated, and that marketers who don’t tailor their messages to women are really missing the boat.

There are a few numbers floating around that reflect the share of the spending budget women control -- 80, 82 or 83 percent. Whatever – it’s a big number. And it applies in some surprising “male” sectors – like cars and insurance.

Astounding? Not to some of us.

My friend (and sometimes MarketingProfs contributor) Andrea Learned of ReachWomen.com tapped into the “women thing” years ago. Women, she says, dominate buying in many markets -- from appliances to pet products.

Quoting a survey from the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, she says 82% of dog owners are women. (My own two canine units just slipped me a note, “Milk bones: Buy early and often!”)

As Barletta’s book says: Women aren’t a niche. They’re the market.

As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged.

Until next week,

Ann Handley


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Suzan St. Maur
Overcoming the 6 Enemies of Good Marketing Messages

Clear thinking is the precursor to an effective marketing message.

Trouble is -- it's not always easy to clear the obstacles that get in your way. Here are some ideas on how to overcome them.

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Steven Haines
This Is Not Your Father’s Life Cycle Management

The pace of business has increased and life cycles are compressing.

There are so many buzzwords that it is hard to distinguish between some of these new initiatives, especially when we have processes that have the same names and different meanings.

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Kimberly L. McCall
Killer Scarifies: The Real Effects of Reduced Marketing

What happens when a company abruptly ceases all marketing? What's to become of a brand, once beloved and nurtured, when its promotional support has evaporated?

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John Hammersley
Email 101: How to Market Effectively

It might not be easy to acquire customers through email, but it can be done. But only if it's done right.

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Publisher:Allen Weiss

Content: Ann Handley


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